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The past week, my news feed has been populated multiple times with two stories:

  1. How a photographer ruined a brides wedding
  2. How a drunk DJ was arrested.

In both of these cases, the photographer and the DJ were absolute jerks and wronged a Bride, her guests and became the nightmare that wedding couples lose sleep over for months prior to their wedding. There are two points though that I would like to make

First. In almost every case, the person sharing the bad news was either a DJ sharing the DJ story or a Photographer sharing the photographer story. My question is, why would we as wedding professionals perpetuate a bad story like that? Did they think that it would make them somehow look better? Let me share this- it doesn’t. In a few cases, these were shared on closed forums which is fine, but for these stories to be shared out in the open just seems to be a bad idea. Brides and the media is always ripping us a new one about the bad people in the industry, we don’t need to help them.

Second- At some point, the brides (in this case) needed to take responsibility. They hired these weirdos and I read in the case of the photographer that it was because they were inexpensive. (My bet is that the case is the same with the DJ- super cheap). If that is what they wanted- to save a few bucks, well…..If they expected Cristal but paid for Pabst, they really have nowhere to go with their complaints except the mirror.

There will always be bad examples, but what about promoting the excellence in wedding professionals that is out there. I am proud of my friends who work their asses off to make weddings spectacular and hate for them to get lumped into the same pile as these two idiots. I am proud of my friends who go out of their way to learn, to exceed and to make their wedding couples shine. That they are not happy until they knock it out of the park.

So, when the next bad example comes along, I challenge you to put up five great examples right beside it. You won’t have to look far, trust me, we work in an industry that is chock full of wedding professionals who deliver excellence.

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