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Rick Brewer is a wedding business expert who understands the 30,000 foot view as well as the street level of your wedding business

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wedding business expert Rick Brewer

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Why is Rick Brewer considered a wedding business expert and why should I consider him to coach me and my wedding business? 

Simple; You cannot argue with results. Sure anyone can read a book or take a course. Perhaps they even ran their business successfully, but what Rick brings to the table is quite different. In fact, he wrote the book, gives the courses and has worked one on one with hundreds of business to make them successful. This is a full time job for Rick, not a hobby or an aspiration. Rick has spoken to over 260 wedding and event associations and gets regularly asked to speak again for the simple reason that he delivers the education that is effective in changing businesses. Rick has been in the wedding industry for 24+ years, has written 21 specific courses on marketing and selling to brides, produced bridal shows, wedding magazines and more. Rick’s primary interest is to get you more business, but more so to give you the structure for improved growth year after year. These are a few of the reasons why Rick is a wedding business expert and why you should consider hiring him.

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