When you work a Wedding show correctly as well as perform the proper follow through, you will find success. This has been proven at every one of our shows. To help you achieve a higher level of success, we have made these two audio courses from Wedding Business expert Rick Brewer available to you. Please download, listen, prepare, listen again and then call us with any questions.


We are fully committed to your success!

Turbo Charge your Leads. If you have ever received a lead list and either a) did nothing with it or b) used it only to get no results, then here is the information to help you change your results. Learn how to get Brides to engage even if you have never spoken with them before and get them to take the next step in the buying process. Make your lead list super valuable today!

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Bridal show success secrets.  If you have ever worked a Bridal show, only to see Hundreds of Brides walk by and not get a single booking, this CD is for you. Fact: Bridal shows work when you work them right.  Learn the Before, During and After methods of getting More Brides. You will also learn the Reason why Brides buy at a Bridal show, the Stepped Process of the Bride and how to overcome Bridal Buying Reluctance.

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