Ever talk to someone who doesn’t like email? How about someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account? Or here is one of my favorites, the person who hasn’t updated their website in 10 years and it looks like it. On the other side of things, I get invitations each and every day to try the latest and greatest new social media tool. There are some people who are truly spreading themselves too thin with what they are using and how they are using technology. So the million dollar question is: how much is enough?

Fact is we can run our businesses without social media and without the technology that is out there. It happens every day. That said, we can walk to work or ride horses across the country like our pioneer foreparents did. It doesn’t make sense to go without, yet wedding professionals are doing it on a consistent basis in the wedding industry.

Back in the early 80’s, I joined the computer club (I wasn’t a geek, I was a stoner and it allowed me to goof off and get extra credit at the same time). I remember that they cleared out a closet in the back of the science room where they set up two Tandy computers with basic programming language on it. We used our primitive knowledge to make the screen do a constant repeat of dirty words and we also made some precursor games to frogger, except we were the cars the frogs were our less appreciated teachers. Now mind you, back then we had classrooms filled with typewriters. Now when I go to my kids schools, guess what they have filled in their classrooms? You got it, computers. The teachers use presentation tools hooked up to the internet where our kids are getting a great education.

I often speak about not living in our world, but living in the brides world. In the brides world, they use their smart phones, tablets and are instant in their communication. I refer to this as the microwave generation. If we are part of the crock pot generation, can you see how we would be missing the boat. Last week I was able to attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. There, the emphasis was on Apple products, primarily Iphones. Keep in mind that the first Iphone was released a little over 5 ½ years back. To date there have been 350 million Apple portable products (primarily Iphone and Ipad) sold and there are over 700,000 apps (applications or programs) available for purchase to use with these products. Can you see where the trend is going?

We either need to get on board that we are part of a quickly evolving society or relegate ourselves to living in a second place position with business (which by the way, doesn’t make any money).

On the far side of technology, we can be over reliant on applications, social media and tools to do the job for us. The old fashion technology of relationships is a crucial part of success with today’s bride. Simply said, they need to see that you are a real, caring person and not some vending machine of wedding products and services. People buy more from people they like and trust, this is key to the partnership of technology.

Going forward, you will see that those businesses who couple the proper use of technology to lead them to a relationship and trust building experience will be the leaders in their communities who dominate their categories.

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