Here’s why they ask “How much”

There are typically three reasons why a Bride will ask you about your pricing and the fun part is it has nothing to do with you. While this question can be a frustrating thing, let me assure you it is A) not personal B) actually a good thing because you have at the very least developed a dialogue with them. This dialogue may be very shallow at this point, but it is something,

Imagine it like this: Pretend that you are single and your dream companion is on the phone with you but asking you about where exactly you would like to take them to dinner. You haven’t gone to dinner yet, but in the immortal words of Lloyd from Dumb an Dumber, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance~!”. No keep in mind that the more people you put through this process and get further in the process, the more bookings you will get.

We live in an age of consumerism that we have to work each and every lead as well and as much as is reasonably appropriate (without looking and being spammy). As a consumer, you now have the power where the salesperson used to have all the power and we relied upon them being honorable in what they were selling and doing. That said, a Bride is a different type of consumer.


First reason why she asks for price is she may be bracketing your business or the category within which you sell. In other words, she has no clue how much what you sell should cost, so she is trying to get a range by asking several people. She may be at the very front edge of buying what you sell and trying to set her budget.

Second. She has never bought this before and has no idea which other questions to ask such as experience. Can you think of something you had never bought before (and were buying 10-15 other things that you also had never bought before with no prior experience or training on how to buy it)? Fact is buying for a wedding is not just a draining (emotionally and financially) experience but your prospective brides will go to the thing they know how to measure which is money.

Third. Rarely do you have a wedding that has an unlimited budget and is willing to spend it, so you find prospective clients that are constantly checking the needle to see if it has gone in the wrong direction.

Overcoming these problems is possible, in fact you should enlist the best approach possible so you can get past these challenges which are spoken of as well as hidden from you, the salesperson who they view as someone who will hold them down and steal their credit card.

Asking about price is not the end of the conversation, but can be a perfect ice breaker if you use it correctly.


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