I was recently asked what one thing I would change about the wedding industry.
Without hesitation, I responded that I would have wedding vendors treat their
business like a business, not like part of the family. I have great belief in
family and the power of families, so let me explain my thoughts here. In
treating their business like part of the family, there is too much emotion
involved and not logical behavior. There is a sense of allowance or forgiveness
for less than perfect behavior, Families are run differently than businesses
should be and I will explain a little deeper about this.

In a family, the way things are run are mostly secondary. Think about how many
times that there were no plans for dinner, yet you know that you need to eat and
the kids need to be fed every night. Families rarely have set plans, visions,
and strategies set forward for the things that matter most to them. Again, don’t
take this as an attack on families, but take it as a way to run things. In
families, emotions rule. Things like trust, honesty and love are the presiding

Now think about businesses.

Think about this: the people you are mostly connected
sometimes have to be fired. Ever fire a relative? (most of us have often thought
of firing many a relative) How about this: ever send an employee to time out for
not doing their job?

Our businesses need to take the emotions out of them and logically decide what
their points and purposes are
. The number one goal of business owners, when
asked, is simply make a profit. You may love, adore and be passionate about what
you do. How long will you be able to do it if you don’t make a profit? By the
way, this type of business is commonly called a charity. Unless you have a long
line of donors, even as a charity, you will not survive long. In a family, love
can build a bridge, keep us together, and it’s all you need. In a business, it
is a different four letter word: cash!

In business, strategy, plans, and rules are the norm. When was the last time
that love was taught as a success principle for business in any MBA program?
Logic resides in business.

Because of the nature of business, it is crucial that we focus on money making
activities. In business, you have no profits without sales, and no sales without
prospects who know about you. Based on that, your money making activities should
be focused on marketing (bringing prospects who may buy) into your business
where sales (changing prospects into customers) can affect your bottom line. Or
you can continue to focus all the other stuff which will not add to your bottom
line and will be an expense.

Action Step: If you do not have a written strategy for marketing and sales, you
are flying by the seat of your pants
. Is flying by the seat of your pants more
family like or business like? Write a marketing plan that gets you out working
on marketing a minimum of 10 hours a week (I prefer 18, but I will cut you some

Action Step: If you do not have a written sales system, again, is that family
like or business like
? Write out your sales system and then improve upon it.

When you use a systematic approach, where there may be mistakes, with room for
adjustments and finding success: your business thrives. By the way, love your
family and it will thrive 🙂

Until Next week, here’s to your success!

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