Did you know that most (85%) of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by the third week of January? If this sounds familiar, let me share some ideas to help you continue to move as we are a week away from that third week~!

I have not had a New Years Resolution for several years now for this reason; I try to resolve my struggles, my challenges my issues on a daily basis rather than waiting for a once a year proposition. Don’t get me wrong, many people can be very effective with their resolutions and have great change come into their lives which brings those people more of what they want as well as less of what they don’t want.

Many wedding businesses simply want more business. Technically, more business could be $1 more than last year. I help my clients to work towards a goal that will be meaningful and push them at the same time to stretch them further. My view is that goals are there to make you better. While many times you get a great result, it is the journey that defines you, more than the reward you receive from the journey.

In working with businesses, I have found that there are typically three reasons why Goals are not hit/met:
1. Starting with the wrong goal. When you start with a goal that is not defined or does not make sense, you stand to lose interest as well as it begins to frustrate many other areas of your life. The key to starting with the right goal is to have a very powerful “why” you want that goal to happen. The more powerful the “why” the easier and more natural the “how” in achieving that goal. When we start finding a very powerful “why” we know we on target for goal attainment.
2. Not devising a good strategy/ devising a wrong strategy. Many times I have (and have seen in others as well) a poor strategy set forward to attaining a goal. Simply said, putting a great goal out there without the specific steps, you are more creating a wish. The specific steps which you schedule with a calendar will push you close and hold you somewhat accountable, Further if you have to adjust, you will know once you begin the process and not wait until you either abandon the goal or fail with it.
3. Failure to measure and report effectively. The simple point of having a reporting on your progress system takes away the “wish” effect and puts more accountability in play. Think about this: you want to lose weight, and you think you are doing well with your eating and work out schedule, but you never weigh yourself. How do you know if you are progressing or if what you are doing is having the affect you are hoping for ? When you measure your goals, you can better manage your goals.

There is great feeling that things are starting to loosen up financially amongst brides and that this trend will continue for 2014. Set your goals and resolve to hit them, but first find your “why”. Why is it important that you hit your goal? What will you do once you hit your goal? If it is an increase in health or money what would you do different with the extra energy/cash?

Now go get your goal!

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