In my career as a coach for wedding businesses, I have had to take an approach that is both effective and delicate. If I were not effective, it would not matter how nice I was and if I were not delicate, it would be very hard to be effective. Most people who hired me did so for the one or more of the following reasons:

1. Accountability Partner. They wanted someone to hold their feet to the fire. As an entrepreneur, they knew what needed to be done in most case, but either were not conditioned to work alone or were having a hard time maintaining their focus on getting things done.
2. Isolation cure. We are isolated either by choice or by chance. Either way we rarely can compare whether what we are doing is the best method. In hiring me, my clients have found the results of me working with 2100 other wedding professionals and their businesses which gives them the perspective they could not get in any other way.
3. Educated feedback. There are many different dynamics that go into a business and personality is one of the main ingredients. What may work well for one professional can be a death kiss for another. Understanding the psychology behind the business helps to look at the situation with educated and trained eyes.

When you put these three actions into play with your business, you end up moving forward faster. Here’s why;

1. You have a clear vision of what to do and what is ahead. When you have this clear vision, work becomes not only easier, but much more enjoyable. The drudgery disappears and the results start to come.
2. You spend less time worrying about the future and working towards your success. Many times I have found that the cure for fear is work. When you work, you have no time to focus on what you fear
3. You end up doing things better. Simple enough- your marketing becomes more effective, you start realizing more of what works and working it more and stop doing the mundane, non-money making activities.

I have several ways we can work together, from full blown spend 3 days together in your market to simply putting together a better brochure. If you are even interested at this point, the best next step is to see if we have a match (maybe I can’t do what you want me to do, maybe I can, we need to chat first).

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