We live and work in an industry where the barrier to entry is low and sometimes non existent. The cost to hang the label of “wedding professional” has never been lower or easier to create. If you think about it, you could enter into almost any part of the wedding industry tonight with a website, business cards and more without ever performing wedding one. Because of this low barrier of entry, there are many hobbyists who join the ranks of the experienced industry veterans.

Because it costs little to show oneself as a industry veteran, when it comes to spending money on marketing, they take the cheapest route possible. When others see the behaviors, there becomes a knee jerk reaction that they feel they should do the same, whether it is right or not. Craigs list, Groupon, Thumbtack and Facebook become the popular mediums of marketing and rather than taking an honest look to see if these mediums actually work or how to make them work, they are accepted as viable marketing mediums based simply on popularity.

One of the behaviors that has been going on for years is the asking of other wedding professionals to “like” your page. This reciprocal liking strategy has no effect and in fact is adverse to your overall marketing plan.

Asking someone who will never be a client and will distract you from the real activities of marketing and selling which actually work and bring you clients is similar to clipping coupons for a restaurant in a town you will never visit and cannot afford.

Further, belonging to a group of like minded professionals on Facebook and advertising your services to them makes little to no sense. Understand that from a broader perspective, they are struggling to get any business they can. While it is a nice thing to do and a very good strategy to refer others, those referring relationships are built face to face with local professionals, not with strangers who live in other parts of the world.

If you see this behavior, understand that it does no good and no results will be had from it. If you belong to a group where this behavior is happening, suggest to the individuals that it lessens the group by not providing something that everyone can benefit from as well as is annoying.

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