There is such a huge importance to what you do that we many times lose focus on. I want to reemphasize this with you today as it is truly something that we need to keep in mind at all times when helping to serve and dealing with our Brides.

I often speak of the four psychological triggers when marketing and selling to Brides. These psychological triggers are what will catch the attention of the Brides and assist in getting these Brides to move forward in their buying process. These triggers are not seen as a manipulation tool, as Brides will move only so far before they actually get to the decision point where they will actually buy or not. At that point, there is no manipulation, but simply they either trust in you that you will do what they want and further that you understand the true importance of their day to them and their guests or they have not found that trust yet.

Here are the four triggers: They want to Impress (pretty much everyone there), They want to Enjoy (themselves and their guests to be entertained), They want to Win (that underlying competition with their sisters, friends, neighbors and society) and They want to be Cinderella. It is the last trigger that can many times be the most important and crucial in our businesses.


Think about the girl who wasn’t the homecoming queen, never had a chance to go to prom, has only had a few boyfriends perhaps and this is her one true romance. Maybe she has low self esteem or is perhaps a wall flower. She hasn’t really ever had professional photos of herself done before, nor has she been pampered with the full treatment of hair make up and all the accoutrements of beauty. Maybe she is not financially well off, and this one day is a true struggle for them money wise. This girl has never had the spotlight on her before and probably will never again. This is the one and only chance to be the star of her show.

I want you to further think about the people behind this beautiful bride. Think about The Daddy who is so proud of her. The Mom who has seen her true potential, but could never convince her of how truly special she was. Think about all of her friends and guests who love and adore her because of the giving and kind heart that she has had with others. Perhaps she is the one who has always served and cared for others and this is the one day that it now becomes her turn to be loved on and cared for. This Bride is truly a prize girl and deserves the day that you can provide.

These Brides may come along more than we realize, but thinking about it, doesn’t every Bride in her own eyes feel like this is the one day that is the special day of her life. Every Bride deserves to be Cinderella and Almost Every Bride is expecting this. This is where our expertise comes in.

There are so many wedding professionals who simply are looking at this Bride as a Paycheck. Judge Judy and The Peoples Court have regularly scheduled episodes willed with Brides who have come across these type of vendors who simply did not deliver on what was expected.

Beyond the idea of being a hobby, when we look at the purpose of what we do, helping these girls enjoy their one day is important, but even more important; it is protecting her from the bad vendors who will over promise and under deliver. These vendors may beat you on price, but in the end, the price won’t matter if she ends up disappointed.

Putting passion and service behind your business is one method to helping your business thrive. These Brides who need an attentive professional are truly seeking you, go out and find them .


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