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About 6 years ago, wedding industry professionals were really keen on email marketing. Email marketing was easy, was next to free and was a marketing action that felt like it was productive and “the right thing to do” as you could somehow reach out to hundreds of prospects at a single click.

Here is the problem:  Things have changed dramatically.

Back in the 90’s it was well known what piece of mail in your mail box was junk mail. There were many tricks to get noticed and to get this junk mail opened so it could be seen and then potentially acted on. Email marketing to brides has gone the same route in recent years. I used to share ideas on how to increase open rates with better subject lines and more, but the main thing that has been politely ignored is that most brides are setting up wedding identities (separate emails and google voice numbers to separate and keep private their personal information)

Keep in mind also that the majority (98% + ) of wedding industry professionals do not have formal training on how to market to brides, and they mostly approach their marketing the same way- owner centric. Most emails in fact start out with something along the lines of “Congratulations on your engagement. We here at blah blah blah are excited and thrilled to offer …”. In fact, do this; sign up for an email list at some source for brides and see what is sent out. You will see that those wedding industry professionals who actually use the list that is provided for them use only email and those who use email use it mostly in the above described manner.

When you put yourself in the position of the wedding couple, you can see why she would hit the delete button multiple times without even opening the emails. While there are some methods which work better than others and that email is not a total loss in marketing to brides, the way that brides buy is dependent upon trust, which email does not provide.

Building trust with your prospective clients when you are going from not knowing them or the relationship being cold to warming up the relationship and getting them to act can typically be done in one of two ways: 1) lower your price- put out an offer they can’t refuse 2) be short and simple in your communication giving her the clear next step (which is a little step). As you can see from these two options, option 1 is the easiest while option 2 doesn’t always have clear effect. The struggle is that option 2 will get you to more sales if you are not the lowest on price in your town.

Many wedding professionals simply do not invest the time and thought into their marketing which then brings about a bad result. This vortex of marketing /bad result/hate marketing becomes a way of life with many and unfortunately ends in a slow quiet death of their business. The solution is to get better at marketing first with tuning up your message and measurements so you can properly gage your mediums you are spending time and energy in.

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