Sell more weddings, brides, and events with the best strategy and practices. Typically there are about 5 challenges that point to problems with selling. These 5 courses will help your face to face or phone selling ability even if you don’t like selling.

Sell More Weddings

Sell More Brides. The sales techniques of the 80’s and 90’s are long dead. To sell more weddings, it is crucial that you use a sales strategy that is parallel to how she buys. You will learn the steps in getting the bride off of Logic and onto the emotion of her day (95% of all buying decisions are made on emotion). Learn the steps to get her true budget and how to overcome the bride who wants to “think it over”. Increase your closing ratio by learning how to get more trust and stop coming off “salesy”.

overcoming the price bride

85% of Brides have not purchased what you sell prior to their wedding which means they don’t know how to buy what you sell. When they call you, they will then typically ask “How much” because they don’t know how to ask better questions (the questions which really matter) Learn the psychology behind price, how to get them onto a better question and 5 responses you can immediately start using when talking to these Brides.

seven deadly sins of salespeople

7 Deadly Sins of Salespeople. The way we may have been taught how to sell is no longer effective. In fact how many people sell is so bad, it’s a sin. Learn the 7 most popular “sins” of sales (and no…not asking for the sale is not one of them) and learn some ideas on how to fix these sins.

mechanics of raising your prices

Mechanics of Raising your Prices. It’s easy to listen to someone tell you ”Boy, you sure should raise your prices” without having to worry about the results. There are certain steps you should take to help you do this successfully so you don’t over think it as well as make sure you don’t impact the market in the wrong way.

networking nitro

Networking nitro. Proper networking is one of the most under used marketing methods in the wedding industry. If you want a strategic edge, form a better networking strategy. Word of Mouth Advertising is the best way to get customers who will have a shorter sales cycle, will spend more, and end up referring you more often. Gaining a strategy of how to get more people to refer you more often is key to growing your business and building your bottom line.

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