Powerful Persuasion

Being able to sell without being "salesy" is necessary in today's economy

You’ve probably heard that nobody wants to be “sold”  but everybody loves to “buy”.

We live in an industry that what we sell is not necessary and were it necessary we could still be commoditized in the eyes of the consumer.

By forming a sales strategy that is not salesy but is different than what they are experiencing out while they are meeting with your competition, you have the chance to stand up. The first step in a successful strategy is to write one out.

This sales strategy needs to be based on building trust to where you can work together to find out “Are you the right match?”.

Don’t worry if you don’t like to sell. I don’t either, but if you are ready to try a method that makes you the expert and seen as a helpful guest rather than a bothersome pest, than we will have a great ride together.

powerful persausion

When selling weddings and events, it is important to remember that the techniques of 20 years ago do not work with today’s client. Most sales technique and training deals with A) a product or service that is not normally purchased B) selling something that is logical or necessary. Weddings require  1) a couple  2) a license 3) someone to officiate over that license 4) witnesses (in many cases) 5 Mutual consent (both to show up and say “I Do”). Weddings and events are mostly not necessary as we know them, but the culture that we live in says that they will not go without the fancy dress, chicken dinners, dj or photographer. Just because they are going to get us, doesn’t mean we are their only choice, so we need a selling strategy that will get to the heart or the true reason why they are buying.

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