For those of you with Kids, you’ll remember in the movie “finding Nemo” the last scene where the fish break out of the Dentist’s office by strategically being placed in the bags of water (like how you would take a fish home from the pet store) and escaping out to the harbor. While in their bags, floating in the harbor, one of the fish looks about and says, “Ok, now what”. They had masterfully figured out an escape route, but then would be stuck in their plastic bags only millimeters from true freedom.

Like the fish, we don’t fully follow through with our thought process in our marketing and selling to brides. Our true freedom is getting a sale from a Bride who is a match. We take them through the appropriate steps, but simply do not fully work them through the process to completion. Because we lack a few steps, we potentially miss a bunch of business. Let me share with you a few ideas of where I see necessary improvement which has a big effect.

First- we do not tell the Bride what to do next. By failing to “ask” or “call to action” our prospects, we leave them to their own ideas which are usually not productive as a buyer. They are easily confused as the decision to buy what you sell is pretty daunting and overwhelming. When the mind is confused, it cannot decide, and indecision becomes their action. We need to tell them what to do next. This is simply said by saying “call now for an appointment” but more effective when you reward them for taking the action such as , “call now for a free report on the five questions you should ask every ___________ before you hire them”.

Homework assignment: Check all your marketing to insure you tell your prospects what the next step is. Remember, you do this all the time and it is obvious what they should do, but what is obvious to us is not necessarily obvious to them- educate them and let them know

Second- We don’t follow through effectively. The landscape of selling has changed so much due to the overwhelming (there’s that word again) amount of choices and information which slows the buying process. Because the process is slowed, we need to have an effective process for follow through with our prospects. Without this system, most clients will not return and your competitors who will follow through will win the game. Simply calling and “checking in” doesn’t do the job anymore. We need to A) have their permission to follow through B) Have an agreed time to follow through C) follow through with a message of “you had asked me to follow up with you and wanted to see what the next step was”.

Third– Keep your foot on the gas. Just because you did a Bridal show, you went to a networking meeting, you put an ad on Wedding Wire doesn’t mean you are done. There is always something you can and should be doing. Measure your results from your web advertising and tweak your message to optimize your site, Follow up on the leads who said they wanted to chat with you at the last Bridal show, Call those who you met at the last networking event to have a private lunch. Keep looking for another step to take and maintain your momentum.

The key is to not stop or slow down. By keeping things going, you figure a way out of what may seem like a position that is “stuck”. There is a way to success and when you are forced to figure it out, you usually do~!

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