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In our society we have accustomed ourselves to setting our goals on an annual basis. We go so far as to resolve to do differently at the beginning of the year with New Years resolutions. So now the big question is, how is the year trending for you half way through? Are you where you thought you would be?

Fact is most (approximately 93% according to some studies) of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by the third week of January. Perhaps you have experienced this either with yourself or with someone you’re close too. Maybe you have been a member of a local gym and you have seen the rush that happens (which coincides with the heavy marketing push by most gyms done in the month of January). There are typically three reasons why these goals or resolutions are abandoned:

  1. Not a strong enough purpose behind the goal
  2. Goals which are imposed
  3. Little or no strategy to accomplish the goal.

Having purpose behind your goal most times means more than the obvious reason. For example, you may have a goal to make more money so you can more ably pay your bills, but the true reason is so that there can be more freedom to travel or perhaps so that you can acquire some things which will make you feel more normal or up to speed with the neighbors. When we tap into a true purpose, we typically can come closer to our goals as well as accelerate their progress.

Imposed goals do not necessarily need to be something as strong as a quota from work, but can be as subtle as a wife wanting her husband to stop smoking. That husband could rebel, probably not consciously, but unconsciously due to the idea that he smoked for a deeper reason than to get a quick fix. It becomes important that we have full buy in on any goal we expect to further.

Strategy becomes our friend when we fully think forward to how life is rather than how we want it to be. When people set their goals, they rarely plan for off days, let alone the storms that hit us in life. Failing to plan for problems does not keep the problems away, and planning for problems does not keep us from our goals if those problems don’t happen. Having a strategy (where planning for problems is just one aspect) is one more reason we can accomplish more.

These struggles are not the only reasons why we don’t hit our goals. In setting goals for the last 30+ years and then coaching others on how to achieve their own goals, I have seen a massive shift in the methods in accomplishing goals and there is a “New Psychology” to attaining these goals.




People as always are ambitious, but the methods of yesteryear are no longer effective. By understanding the new psychology that goes along with goal attainment you will be able to learn how to get to your goals faster and easier.

In this new 2-CD set you will learn

  • How to drill down to our true passion and true purpose
  • The biggest distractions (… and how to avoid them)
  • Strengthening your focus
  • Much More….




This 2-Disc set will help you to set the goals that matter most, and not on a superficial level, but a deep meaningful level that will help you achieve more than you have before.

Normally this set would retail for $39 (and be well worth it) but as an introductory offer, you can get this set for

                                             $19 (plus s & h) 

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