Zig Ziglar famously said, “Motivation doesn’t last, but neither does bathing. It is required daily”

I have seen many people who need a boost, so this week I thought I would write about the positive signs being seen in the market. Working with others in different markets throughout the country, I have a broad view and things are looking up. Conditionally….

When I say conditionally, I mean that the conditions apply to those working their businesses. I have said it before and will continue to say that one motivated wedding professional can outshine an unmotivated wedding professional who may offer a lower price, a better product or more. The motivation of the individual has much to do with the success of the business.

As self starters (most of us are owner/operators or in a leadership position) we are required to be self motivated. One standard I set for myself is simple; At the end of the day, would I write myself up or would I praise myself for the work that I accomplished. I am careful not to set a standard of perfection as I would be disappointed day after day. That disappointment would then motivate me to sit around and eat ice cream all day, watching reruns of Oprah.

The key to motivation in top performers who I have interviewed is maintaining the right attitude. The idea of “positive thinking” is not so much what I am speaking of, but that of “realistic thinking”. In other words, if there are customers out there and your competition has somehow gotten a hold of them, that infers that they did something right that can be duplicated. The key in this “realistic thinking” is that you need to truly understand that the business is out there. The challenge then becomes finding that business.

People by nature are negative. There is a term I have coined called “Gravitational Thinking”. This term means that like the law of gravity, our thinking is subject to ups and downs. It is truly easier to look down than it is to look up. In fact when you are around negative people, my experience has been that it takes 5-7 positive people to balance out one negative person. This is why we need to constantly motivate ourselves and work to find the good and the possible in our lives.

There are two influences to your attitude which can affect your motivation: Who you surround yourself with and what you surround yourself with.

“You will become the sum total of the five people you are around the most”
, said business philosopher Jim Rohn. I believe this to be true. I try to help people, perhaps to my detriment. There are some people who are better at bringing you down than you are at bringing them up, so beware. It is my advice that you surround yourself with people who are in a better position in life than are you. Perhaps better off financially if you seek to improve financially, Perhaps you are looking to improve your health. Whatever your goal is, seek out those who inspire you to be better and hang with them

The second part is what you surround yourself with
. If you wake up and immediately listen to the news (all negative) then get on FaceBook to hear your friends complaining about it being Monday (negative) then turn on the radio to talk radio (either side is full of sunshine…NOT). Fact is it takes effort to keep the possible alive and happening in your life- you don’t need others who are scared to go boldly out like you have trying to ground you. You don’t need all the negative pointed out to you on a constant basis. You need to surround yourself with good books, with possible books, with positive solutions.

Continue to motivate yourself- there is good business out there that needs what you sell.

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