Master Your Wedding Marketing Seminar

The MOST important function that will make money for our businesses is Marketing. Marketing for wedding and events is different in several ways and by not adapting to the proper ways of marketing for this very emotional sale, you will not be able to reach the amount of prospective clients you want to reach.

master your wedding marketing

The top three challenges facing wedding professionals are:
1. Getting my phone to ring
2. Selling the value that you have to offer
3. Differentiating between the low/no value competition.

Imagine for a minute that these challenges were not a problem…..
Imagine that you were able to tap into the successes as well as what doesn’t work from hundreds of wedding professionals across the country. Master your wedding marketing and you will find the success you are looking for.

Learn how to form the proper marketing message, the best strategy in getting it out there, and how to frame your appointments so you have a higher closing rate. Each section will have an instruction element as well as a hands on workshop element

When :      Wednesday, June 22  Registration starts 8:30  

Seminar :   9:00 am – 12:00 noon

Where:       Larkspur Landing, 555 Howe Ave. , Sacramento, CA 95825

Part 1 : The Evolution of Buying. Learn where we have come from and how modern marketing has changed dramatically (especially for the millennial client).

Workshop : Develop your message that will be the theme to your marketing

Part 2 : The 5 moves of those who dominate. If we look at those who dominate their markets, their habits and their results we can find the clues that are left behind to form a success map for our own businesses.

Workshop : Develop the weekly marketing actions that will work to get you business

Part 3: Creating a Sales Strategy. If you do not have a formed sales strategy, you will most times go to default way of selling which leaves the control and strategy in the hands of a client who has never bought, let alone sold what you do before this.

Workshop : Write your  personal sales system for your business.

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