Your marketing is the most crucial part of your wedding business. If your marketing for weddings is not effective, you will not be able to be even considered as a choice with the bridal couple. Bridal advertising needs to take a different approach than does traditional marketing.

marketing to brides effectively

Marketing to Brides Effectively. Brides are a different client type who is filled with more emotion than any other customer type. You need to market to them differently than the way you would any other client.  Learn the ways to reach your target     Bride better and stop wasting advertising dollars on Ads that will not work.

getting on the preferred vendors list

Getting on the preferred vendors list.  It’s no state secret that getting on a list that is handed out to brides is a good thing. The problem is everyone knows it and is a bothersome pest in trying to get on the list. Did you know that getting on the preferred vendors list requires a strategy and following the proper steps? Learn the ways to successfully getting more warm referred leads from sources that meet with hundreds of Brides a year.

Bridal show success secrets

Bridal show success secrets.  If you have ever worked a Bridal show, only to see Hundreds of Brides walk by and not get a single booking, this CD is for you. Fact: Bridal shows work when you work them right.  Learn the Before, During and After methods of getting More Brides. You will also learn the Reason why Brides buy at a Bridal show, the Stepped Process of the Bride and how to overcome Bridal Buying Reluctance.

Turbo charge your leads for marketing for weddings

Turbo Charge your Leads. If you have ever received a lead list and either a) did nothing with it or b) used it only to get no results, then here is the information to help you change your results. Learn how to get Brides to engage even if you have never spoken with them before and get them to take the next step in the buying process. Make your lead list super valuable today!

measuring and managing

Measuring and Managing. If you don’t measure it, it is almost impossible to manage it. Learn the key areas of your business which you need to Measure, how to measure them accurately and how often to apply those measurements. Further learn the 3 points of conversion which will help you to increase your ROI on Marketing, and get more Brides to push through your process faster and with more ease.

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Marketing for weddings is dependent upon having the right medium, the best marketing message and the correct measurements. When you have these elements, your phone will ring.

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