Seems like a very simple thing to do, but how much would one single referral that books be worth to you and your business? Imagine if you could build a machine that brought your business referrals on a regular basis. There are in fact many wedding pros who use this as their only/primary marketing source. Let’s talk about the possibilities but first some questions:

  1. Do you know how much the average wedding/event you booked last year spent?
  2. Do you know the average cost to gain a new client?
  3. Do you know the order in which you typically fall in your client’s buying cycle (which products/services do they buy first, last, when do they typically buy you)
  4. How many professionals can refer you in your area?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions (not broad based estimations but more direct answers) than the first thing you need to do is figure them out quickly as these measurements matter greatly. Here is why:

If you first do not know the value of your average client, you will never see the value in getting more of them. Further if you second do not know the cost of obtaining a client you will never see the value of getting them for next to nothing while getting more of them. Going forward if you third do not know what order you fall, you may well understand the value of a client and know how much it costs to get a client but go to the wrong people to get them. Finally, fourth not knowing the pure opportunity of the vast number of wedding professionals who are typically above you in the food chain who could potentially refer you is hurting you.

Getting one single referral is your goal. Whether it is your first single referral  or another single referral, getting that one is your goal as you should see the total value in getting referrals from other wedding professionals. This does not infer that you can just show up and get that one referral. Doing that would be similar to going into a Starbucks and asking the owner to borrow their car. You need to follow the proper steps in getting referred out on a regular basis.

Think about this: the money, time, and effort you spend on marketing is multiplied when you do this right. Imagine all those who refer you do the same or more than you marketing wise. You can give your business marketing a 10 factor (10 times) in marketing. That would be a brilliant move for your business. Sounds simple, correct? While it is possible, you must still do it right. 95% of those who attempt to get referred by other professionals do it wrong, which for the person who learns to do it right is a huge opportunity.

Just like there is a proper way to form any relationship, it is necessary to follow the proper steps to build those relationships. You cannot just show up assuming that they are waiting for you and only you to refer. Quite the opposite. When you show up, most times you will have a wall that you will have to get through or around because they have. Keep this in mind: these good folks have people each and every week trying to do the same thing. Before this discourages you, keep in mind that 95% number. You can be the refreshing different person who actually values them as more than a lead and takes the steps which they have said they want to have accomplished.

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