Many of you have been doing what you do in the wedding world for quite some
time. In fact , many of you have done hundreds and hundreds of weddings where
your brides absolutely loved what you provided to them for their wedding day.
Many even went so far as to write a letter, praising you for what you did for
them. After working with all of these brides who loved and adored what you did,
you would think that a few of them would refer you out each year. Yet the fact
remains, we are only getting a mere sliver of what we should get in referrals
from our past satisfied clients.

Now don’t get me wrong, you won’t get an argument from me that word-of-mouth is
absolutely the best form of advertising. The example of this is a past bride
saying nice things about you to another bride who is not yet booked your
services or products. That is the best way to warm up your relationship and get
this new bride to potentially trust you.

The fact remains that we don’t get near the potential of referrals that we
should get
. The number one reason why we don’t get as many referrals as we
should: we don’t ask for them.

Now, simply asking for referrals does not get us referrals. The first thing we
need to do is exceed in the expectations of our brides. In order for us to
exceed the expectations of our brides, we first need to know what her
expectations are. This sounds simple enough.

To understand what her expectations are, it is my advice that you ask at the
time she signs the con
tract. Once she signs a contract with you, or agrees to
purchase your products or services, you need to make sure that you are aligned
in your thought of what her expectations are. When you are aligned with those
expectations, you cannot only meet those expectations, but you can exceed those

Once you understand her expectations, those become your target and you can
exceed those expectations
. In exceeding those expectations, there is no need to
spend a lot of money. Paying attention to the details of what the bride is
looking for is all that will matter. It is simple to exceed expectations by
simply paying attention at this stage. For example: is there a loved one that
will be there that you can do something extra for? Will Nana, who is older and
frail, be coming to this special day? And if she is, perhaps there is some
special tribute you can pay to her or perhaps a special thing you can do or
provide for Nana that will make the bride very happy.

Now, after we understand her expectations, it is proper to ask the bride if we
can have referrals if and only when we meet her expectations.
It is reasonable
to expect that we can get a referral from a bride who is happy so that we can
provide the same products and services to a friend of hers at the level that we
have just provided for her. In other words, she won’t have egg on her face by
referring out someone who is simply there to make money.

The number one reason why we don’t get referrals – we don’t ask for them
. By
setting things up to exceed the expectations of our brides and asking if we can
have a referral of someone she might know because she is a satisfied client is
the best way to getting more referrals on our books for next year.

Until next week. Here’s to your success!

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