I was reading this morning and came across an old quote which for one reason or another, stopped me in my tracks.

“Without hard work, the only thing that grows are weeds” -Gordon B Hinckley

Fact is being an entrepreneur is tough. It is risky and most days you wake up more worried about business than you wake up happy with the results of your business. It is a constant struggle or challenge to keep business coming through the doors. I want you to understand that in all my time of working with entrepreneurs, that feeling this way is normal. Experiencing hardships is the normal course. You are however, fortunate.

Why in the world would we be considered fortunate? Simple; we have the complete ability to control and affect our own destinies. Let me share a story with you. I had a successful business which I sold and in selling, signed a non- compete clause which kept me from doing what I previously had done for the next three years. No problem; I will go work for someone else for a while and let them worry about paying the bills and I can go home and sleep well at night without the stress or concern.

I put my head down and got to work and in doing so, I certainly gave them a fair days work for a fair days wages. In fact, over the years time, I doubled their business and took them from losing around $300,000 to making a modest sum with the tracking towards the next year being approximately $300,000 profitable. Then came something that was a complete shock; I was fired. What the hell?

Here is the truth behind the story; I was still in entrepreneur mode in my thinking in that I felt like I owned what I managed, yet I did not. Looking back, I could have been more tactful in my approach with the owners of the business, but I would not have fired me for how I had acted. My behavior was not a “fire-able” offense (especially when compared to the results I had provided). The truth was this; as owners of the business, they were the only ones who had complete control of their life….and mine as well.

If you want a raise in your pay today, you have the unique ability to make it happen. This is where the hard work part comes in. Many times we can become complacent with where we are at in making money and our attitude can hold us back in making more money. Other times, we are too focused on our problems than we are the solutions. I tell you this not as a judgment on you, but more from my own personal experience.

Fact is being a entrepreneur is hard, but it is also rewarding and most important it is necessary. You are necessary despite how the government taxes you, despite the way your competition may beat you up, despite how your clients treat you or ignore you. You are crucial. Every week, I get notices from those I am connected to that they have changed their employment by leaving their business and going to work for someone else. Sometimes this has to be to gain benefits or simply to pay the bills. I want you to consider this before you make a move like this first; If you put the same “hard work” effort into your business as you would both seeking employment as well as the hard work involved in getting to be proficient at the job, would you be in a different place?

I celebrate you the entrepreneur- you are the risk taker and the spirit of the American Dream. You are the one who is making it happen; maybe not to your desired level, but you are making it happen. It is hard work, but it is worth it!

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