Getting on a list at a venue or reception center/hotel is something almost every wedding professional wants to do. Those who don’t want to do this simply do not understand the true value that is involved in getting on the list.

Think about this; if you have 5 hotels that told their clients who had booked with them to give you a call which sounded something like this: “ Hi, this is Alicia, I am having my wedding at the Hilton and they suggested I call you”. How many of those 5 could you turn into an appointment, then into a sale? Could you get one sale per month from those 5? Maybe more? Stretch that out for the year and you can see how this one strategy alone can strongly support your business at the very least make it very strong.

Long gone is the idea of just dropping by with a stack of business cards or brochures and saying, “would you hand these out to your couples?”. I mean…if you want a good result, that is the one approach you should not take.  Before you walk into your first location, you need to first put yourself in the shoes of those you are visiting.

Imagine that you are a major hotel or wedding location. First, somebody walking in cold and asking them to hand out cards happens on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Your role is to sell your location. Further, when you refer someone to a couple who has booked your location, you only stand to lose. If the person you refer does a good job, well, that was why you referred them (that is the wedding couple’s expectation). If the person you refer out screws up, the first call the wedding couple makes on Monday is to you. On the other hand, you want to A) work with professionals B) Get the best people for your couples and C) Maintain an overall positive vibe with your clients that book your venue so they might refer you later.

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Understanding the role of the venue owner/manager is step one. Step two is forming a strategy that will help you build a relationship rather than a drive by sale. The relationship that you want to form needs to have three ingredients:

  1. Trust
  2. Ability
  3. Consistency

These relationships are powerful and take time to build. Now is the time (keeping in mind that many venues are still busy with Christmas parties) to start the relationship.

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