Getting the Bride off of email
Studies are showing that more and more Brides are not only setting up separate email accounts for just their wedding, but that they are stepping into non- productive buying cycles. When I speak of a non- productive buying cycle, I refer to the method of how they buy and how it does not produce the desired effect for them. In this non- productive buying cycle, there are two major flaws which I want to discuss and some ideas on how to overcome them. It is my feeling that when used properly, these techniques will allow you (the Wedding Professional) to gain more Brides who will continue onto the next step (typically the phone call) and that the Bride may become a customer. This is not a guarantee or a promise that your life will change (I try to avoid these forms of hype and self promotion), but simply that by using these methods, at the end of the year, you may have 3-4 more weddings on the books.
The Two issues that are present are 1) the Bride does not trust us (the Wedding Professional Community) as a whole- this is not personal, but she has heard from most of here friends/relatives horror stories and she is trying to avoid these. Let’s face it- there is no such thing as a “perfect wedding.” She is hell bent on getting one and so scared/sensitive in the process that she almost creates an imperfect wedding because of her trying to avoid hiring the wrong person, she often gravitates to exactly that. Issue #2) the Bride shops on the one form of measurement that she understands- Money. She does not understand the difference between the quality that vendors offer, the service they provide or the experience they have. Those three measurements are not hard and fast like green dollar bills. In shopping based on money, if we get sucked into that false measurement, and we try to compete on price and price alone, we most times lose.
In overcoming trust, we must first understand the psychology of the Bride and what she is attempting to accomplish. Simple enough- she wants a great result for what you sell and what you provide. When we push the result in our marketing, when we talk about the result when she contacts us, we stand a better chance of pushing her emotional button. Try to think about what goes right when you have a Wedding that is off the hook fantastic. Did you please her guests, her Mom, did you offer something extra that she was not aware that you were going to offer, did you provide the exceptional service that maybe your brochure did not, maybe it was that by comparison, you shined as a professional (you know – you showed up early, kept in contact with her throughout the engagement, sent her notes and emails detailing your progress or simply picked up the phone and touched base with her every month). When you overcome trust, she will overcome the price for you. (in other words, she will find more money when she has more trust).
IN the challenge of overcoming price, it is necessary that you educate your brides on what goes into building the price. Think about the saying, ”you get what you pay for.” What is the Bride paying for when she gets a higher price? She is getting typically three diffent features: 1) Quality 2) Service 3) Experience. I teach this often- you cannot sell based on features alone. You must sell her the result of those features. Homework assignment: write down the results of those three features in your business and start using them in your marketing and when you get her on email.
For a free report that will outline the three techniques in getting the Bride off of Email and on the phone, email me and I will share with you how to get that report (Hint: It involves a little- very little , sweat equity  )

Until Next week, Here’s to your Success!

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