The Business of Weddings

If you’re not making money, you don’t have a business, but a charity. The key to making money is understanding both the best practices and being able to implement a plan that you can be assured will work. The business side of what you do- the process portion that is responsible for making you money is what we will focus on in this session.

This  Premium Advanced Workshop will be brand new (yes– with brand new content)  with brand new material never presented before. This year the seminar will run 3 hours of intense information plus you will receive a 40 minute one on one strategy session ($150 value) to use after. Here is what we will cover:

Prior to the workshop: You will receive a workbook that you will use to prepare for the master class. This workbook will adjust your focus on what you are doing and where your results are coming from so when we are together we will be better equipped to send you home with a complete action list to turbo charge your business the following year.

At the Advanced Workshop we will have three distinct sessions:

1- Strategy. What is working and how to make it work for you more. We will specifically talk about your message you send out through your marketing and the mediums that you send it out through. The plan you lay out will become more of a schedule rather than a goal or even a wish. This process has worked with hundreds of wedding businesses Rick has worked with and once you understand the process you will use this each and every year. We will cover competitive issues and market conditions as well as what will be the best strategy for you in your business for the coming year.

2-  The 4  Marketing quadrants of a successful Wedding business plan. These four quadrants will give you the framework which will help you to put your energies and focus (not to mention your hard earned advertising dollars) in the best place with the best techniques. Note*** not all businesses are the same and it is important if not crucial that you are directed to use what works best for you in your business. We will discover and enhance this concept in this portion of the masterclass.

3- Writing the plan for next year. This session (while it may seem a little bit overdone or mundane) will be the most powerful part of the Master Class as this is where you will put together the plan which will be personalized to you and your business and will be the plan that once in place will take you to the next level of your business. Note*** The most successful wedding businesses out there understand the everyday actions that will take them to that next level and here we will lay out those actions which you can then implement when you are back in your market.

The Advanced Workshop runs Saturday, July 15th from 10-1  pm (there are no other seminars you will miss during this time)

Get your ticket now with a 40 minute 1 on 1 consult included ($150 value)

Here’s what others have said about Rick…

Wanted to let you know that my business increased 150% because of what you told me to do. I was able to get more per event and more events and it’s because of you Rick- Thank you~!”     –Aaron, Austin, TX


“Thank you Thank you for helping me score one of the biggest events I have ever booked- The one thing you told me to do was more than worth the cost of admission (just from this single thing it more than paid 15 times over the seminar). Hope to come to more and gain even more for my Business”    –Geraldine (Gerry) , Boston, MA


“Rick you are a marketing genius~! What you say works and I appreciate it so much~!”                                          -Bob, Tampa, FL

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Rick Brewer is no stranger to the wedding and event industry. In 25 years of Marketing and Selling to Brides, Rick has found what works and what doesn’t. Rick has worked one on one with hundreds of wedding professionals (including all types of wedding companies all over~!) to higher profits and better businesses. You will be able to transfer the ticket, but refunds are not available.

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