Strategy #2 -Effective Value Building

Building Value is obvious, but harnessing the millennial clients focus is necessary

You have heard the phrase “Build value”. Well….no kidding… we need to build value.

How do we do that when we have our clients focus for nano seconds?

The strategy that works is to have a system that takes into account how your client buys and the process they follow while working yourself seamlessly into their process.

Sounds simple but there are several dynamics which when ignored will give you lack luster results.

Let’s be candid- our clients are not stupid. They will consider buying value when they have the facts, but until they have the right facts, they will protect their wallets from being over promised and under delivered on the one day that this simply cannot happen.

business of weddings

The business of weddings is based on value. We sell on emotion, but what we need to become expert at is selling the emotional value of what the end result that the bride wants to buy. Many say “the business of weddings is romance and fairy tales” Isn’t that made of emotions and value. Listen, you can sell on romance and fairy tales like everyone else has for the past 24+ years I have been involved with the business of weddings, but trust me when I say that it flips the buying switch in your wedding couples to “off”. Brides and grooms want what they want provided that they have the priority for what you sell. When you sell to them based on the emotional result and key in on the four emotional centers of the wedding purchase, you have a higher chance that they will be intrigued enough to take a further step in the buying process.

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