A man woke up one morning with a massive headache. This headache was bigger than anything he had ever experienced before.

After researching on the internet, he determined he was suffering from a minor aneurism. He picked up the phone and proceeded to inquire as to how much it would cost for various Doctors and Medical centers to fix his problem.

After much research, he determined that the price they wanted to charge was way out of range and extraordinary. I mean, after all, it was only a few hours work and the equipment would sit there unused if he didn’t hire them.

He then called his neighbor who was a nurse. She quoted him a much lower price, but this price was still out of his range (he figured that he could save some money with her because he didn’t have to pay for the fancy office and big swanky equipment). He instead decided, he would take care of this himself. Fact was, anyone else who could do it was human and had to learn at some point.

I mean…. what was the big deal? It was only Brain Surgery.

By now, you should get the point. All across the country since weddings have been, this similar story has been put forward by Brides in the various segments of the industry which we work. These unknowing Brides did not realize the risk vs. the reward. Sure they could potentially save some money, but at what cost. Weddings aren’t near as important as Brain Surgery, please don’t let me seem flippant. My question is, what happens if they have a disaster with the DIY part of their wedding- how do they fix it?

We as wedding professionals can be partially to blame. We simply many times do a lousy job of educating the Bride as to the true risk (in a gentle manner where we do not seem as though we are defensive, but in a manner where we are informative). Were we better educators; we might be able to convert a few more sales each year.

There are four elements to reputation which we rarely speak about.
• Gain your Reputation through experience and relationship
• Show your skill (don’t simply tell)
• Display confidence
• Share Social proof

When these four elements are used, you stand a much better chance of overcoming the DIY person or at the very least standing your ground better. Let’s be candid- there are some Brides who simply cannot afford what you sell. They are not to be faulted or blamed- Neither are you though. We simply need to just press forward and find the Brides who will find the priority and necessary budget for what you are charging.

In the coming year, you will see more and more Brides who are focused on frugality rather than elegance and a once in a lifetime experience. This may shake you and your business or it can fortify you. If you gird yourself up and adjust with the times, the coming days will simply separate the competition (the men from the boys, the girls from the women) and help elevate you and your business to a more solid foundation.

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