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Get the information that will insure you are…..

  • Not wasting advertising dollars
  • Are using the best practices in getting your marketing in front of qualified prospects
  • Can capture the least expensive yet most effective forms of advertising to take your business to the next level.

MarkeMarketing to brides effectively CD Faceting to Brides Effectively. Brides are a different client type who is filled with more emotion than any other customer type. You need to market to them differently than the way you would any other client.  Learn the ways to reach your target     Bride better and stop wasting advertising dollars on Ads that will not work.


The Great Secret to Effective Marketing.   Many times a business will form theirmarketing strategy based on what their competition is doing. Here’s some advice; Don’t. Your business should market it’s strengths, andnothing else. You will learn the 5 M’s of Successful Marketing which will help give you focus and drive in the better bottom line results you want.

parable-of-the-Tee-pee-CD-fThe Parable of the TeePee. All Marketing mediums are not equal and all marketers are not good at all mediums. There is a difference and a distinction between mediums that will help you show your strengths in the best formats. Here you will learn of the 8 different ways effective Wedding Businesses bring in more Brides and how to adjust your marketing strategy to better find Brides who Buy More.

Selsellmorebrides_coverl More Brides. The sales techniques of the 80’s and 90’s are long dead and when selling to brides, it is crucial that you use a sales strategy that is parallel to how she buys.  You will learn the steps in getting the Bride off of Logic and onto the Emotion of her day- this is where the sale is made because 95% of all buying decisions are made. Learn the steps to get her True Budget and how to overcome the Bride who wants to “think it over”. Increase your closing ratio by learning how to get More Trust and  stop coming off “salesy”.


Bridal show success secrets.  If you have ever worked a Bridal show, only to see Hundreds of Brides walk by and not get a single booking, this CD is for you. Fact: Bridal shows work when you work them right.  Learn the Before, During and After methods of getting More Brides. You will also learn the Reason why Brides buy at a Bridal show, the Stepped Process of the Bride and how to overcome Bridal Buying Reluctance.

7-Steps-to-a-Stress-Free-Wedding7 steps to a stress free wedding(.pdf).  Need a something that will bring brides to an appointment? The 7 Steps to a Stress Free Wedding PDF is a product Designed for Today’s Busy, Stressed out Bride. This is an excellent tool for  you to use in getting the Brides to come and simply meet with you. When used effectively, you will be able to get more Brides in front of you who are serious buyers. Statistics prove that when a Bride is in front of you , your chances go through the roof of   closing them and changing them from prospect to customer. You will have redistribution rights to Brides for the life of your business


Networking-NitroNetworking nitro. Proper networking is one of the most under used marketing methods in the wedding industry. If you want a strategic edge, form a better networking strategy. Word of Mouth Advertising is the best way to get customers who will have a shorter sales cycle, will spend more, and end up referring you more often. Gaining a strategy of how to get more people to refer you more often is key to growing your business and building your bottom line.

Start-Here-TodayStart here today.  Whether you have just started your wedding business or are a veteran of many years, “Start Here Today” will help you understand the foundational elements to marketing and selling to Brides. Jump start where you are at by following some of the easy to implement strategies which will give you a statistical edge over the competition and help you gain over last year’s results.


Measuring-Equal-ManagingMeasuring and Managing. If you don’t measure it, it is almost impossible to manage it. Learn the key areas of your business which you need to Measure, how to measure them accurately and how often to apply those measurements. Further learn the 3 points of conversion which will help you to increase your ROI on Marketing, and get more Brides to push through your process faster and with more ease.


Whats-My-Price-BrideOvercoming the  price bride interview. Brides don’t know how to buy your products and Services. That is why they ask you “what’s your price. Learn how to get past price and onto what really matters. This recorded Seminar will teach you the 5 ways to respond to that question and the principles behind why Price doesn’t matter (they just don’t know it yet)

Bridal-Show-StrategiesBridal Show Q and A. In this Tele-clinic- Rick goes over the successful strategies of those who have knocked it out of the Park in Bridal shows. Rick is a former Bridal Show Producer and has the key techniques to help you make your next Bridal Show the best ever.


Top-10-Mistakes10 common Mistakes made by wedding marketers. In 2o + years in the wedding industry, Rick has seen a lot of marketing, some of it good, some of it bad and a lot of it …well. Learn the top ten mistakes in this recorded interview on the top 10 problems which you may be inadvertently be making in your marketing strategy.


Hear-Rick-LiveRick LIVE. If you haven’t had a chance to attend one of Rick’s live seminars, this will give you a good view (within earshot!) . Recorded Live. This is the 1 hour version of Rick’s most popular talk. Abridged for time, you will learn the foundational concepts which help Wedding Businesses grow and gain market share. Based on his seminar “Why Wedding marketing fails….(and how to fix it!)”

workbookWorkbook .PDF’s. Get the workbook  that contains the forms and checklists Rick shares with his clients to help them with their clients and many articles (which go to the clients only) as well as 12 Special reports available only here. This workbook normally sells for $99. Also Included in the most recent version of Bridal show Success Secrets with Rick’s very successful “3-3-3 Method”.


***BONUS Material ($39 value) ***

Get More BridesGetting on the preferred vendors list.  It’s no state secret that getting on a list that is handed out to brides is a good thing. The problem is everyone knows it and is a bothersome pest in trying to get on the list. Did you know that getting on the preferred vendors list requires a strategy and following the proper steps? Learn the ways to successfully getting more warm referred leads from sources that meet with hundreds of Brides a year.



Reg. Price $299

Sale Price $129

Limited Special Offer $57 (includes Shipping and Handling)


*This is a physical product and will be mailed out. 12 Audio courses are on 2 DVDs saved as MP3 files and 1 CD . each course averages 50 minutes to just over 10 hours of audio education.


Rick Brewer is known for his proprietary approach to marketing and selling weddings and events that focuses both on the psychology of the prospective client (the Wedding couple) and you the business owner. With this approach, Rick has helped hundreds of businesses to grow to the next level. In addition to working with over 850 wedding and event businesses, Rick has been a keynote speaker at over 260 wedding and event associations. Rick and his kids live in Eastern Tennessee

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