Last night I spoke to a group in Baltimore, Maryland. We had a great crowd (from
all reports, it was a record crowd), and in general it was just terrific night.
At the end of the night, as is usual, I had a line of people who wanted to chat
further. One of these people wanted to talk about consulting. I told this
individual I had some time in the morning. They responded, “How about 8:00 AM?”
I responded (knowing that sleep in hotels for me is hard), “9:00 AM is better.“
This person responded, “8:00 AM is really best for me.” To which I told them,
“Great, 8:00 AM it is!” I took their card which I ensure it had the phone number
on it and put it in my calendar.

The next morning, as expected, 8:00 AM did come very early. I woke early, got
ready and went downstairs to meet them. At 8:00 AM, they were not there. No
problem, we all run into traffic problems. 8:05: Nada. At 8:10 I sent them a
text to make sure they didn’t need directions. They responded to my text with
“???” to which I asked them if this was the person who had made an appointment
with me the night before (less than 12 hours prior mind you). They responded
with, “Oh yeah, sorry it is early. Yeah I do need the address.” I responded
with, “What’s your eta?” (I figured I would grab some breakfast). They responded
with, “I’m voting right now the line is bit long, can we do it another day?” I
responded, “I am available after 10:00 am today, but leave for the airport at
12:30. Did you want to talk about consulting?” No response. I send out another
text an hour later, “Tell me what you’re thinking. Not sure what you wanted to
talk about, maybe you could clarify.” They respond, “Marketing and growing my
business, also close to closing the deal.“ To which I respond, “Do you want to
meet today?” No Answer.

Why do I tell you this long back-and-forth conversation? Simple. To let you know
that the ridiculousness of canceled appointments doesn’t just happen with
brides, It happens with everybody.

My world is not that different from yours and that I deal with the low and no
value competition. I deal with the unknowing, unsuspecting buyers and I deal
with people who need my stuff, but simply do not know how to shop for it. In
this case, I am dealing with the same type of customer who has a very poor,
unproductive buying cycle.

In dealing with this individual. I had to keep in mind two things; Number one:
they weren’t a customer before they’re not a customer now. I haven’t lost a
customer, I simply haven’t gained a customer. Number two: there are 750,000
others out there to replace them, get to work.

In your world, you know that an appointment is a rare and precious thing and
that brides book at the appointment. By getting a bride to an appointment, it
may mean that you pay your bills, or get that extra reward of some new item for
your business because you will have more business on the books. When she doesn’t
show (and many times doesn’t even call) you have to press forward. That said, I
suggest you do as I did, reach out and find out what is wrong. 5% of the time
their absence is legitimate, so approach it with concern and help; offer
directions or offer a suggested route. Don’t assume they are purposely wronging
you. If they do purposely wrong you, go back to the original reason why they set
the appointment in the first place “ What were you wanting to discuss” was my
approach in this. Yours may be “You probably already booked a ___________…
True?” and wait for their response.

In my case, some inconsiderate person made me get out of bed earlier than I would have
preferred. Not a huge deal, I can sleep on the plane. In your case, you are
right to feel angry and frustrated (as I do by calling them an idiot/ flake/ or other colorful terms). Allow
your anger to sit for a few minutes and then write it off. Get back to work
because someone out there needs what you have to offer. Go for that and don’t
dwell in the past. There are plenty of fresh, good bridal leads who need you. Go
Get ‘Em!

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