Whenever a prospective client states, “I need to think about it.” They are really saying, “I am not ready to choose you.” There are several reasons why they may be saying this. However, even more important, what do we do next.

There are typically four reasons why they feel they need to think about it.

1. They truly need to confer with someone else as either they need more info (i.e. to check finances or whether Dad will write the check).

2. They don’t want to choose you. You are not what they like, or simply they do not feel the vibe.

3. They cannot afford you and don’t want to say it.

4. They don’t know how to make a decision. Maybe I’m getting old, but it seems as these days, people do not know how to make a decision.

First off, it is my recommendation that you keep a sales journal so that you can improve your process and make this a planned presentation. As you do this, you will find that you fix many of these struggles. Many, but not all. if you are closing 100% of your appointments, you need to raise your prices!

Second, if you get to this point, you need to have a Plan B that will allow you to have firm, resolute, follow through. Follow up is one of the greatest weaknesses in sales and because of lacking follow through, you will miss 5-10 weddings per year (typically).

Here is my suggested route;

1. Insure that you have given them the information that they need to make a decision.
If there is something they are still wondering about, they will not be able to make a decision. Ask them a question such as, “ Before you leave is there anything I haven’t covered that you still need to know?”

2. Set a firm future.
By setting a firm future, you will have the situation contained. in other words, you need to contain the “think it over” time. Most times, we sit around waiting for the prospect to come back to us, check in hand, ready to book. The fact is most times, they have stopped thinking about it and the only ones thinking about it are us. Follow through with this statement: “When should we get back together?” They may reply, “I’ll get back with you.” If so, reply with, “If I don’t hear from you, many times brides get busy. Can I give you a call on __________?” (give them three to five days depending on the weekend). If they say no, they’ll get back with you, write them off.

3. Follow up when you say you will (especially if they don’t). Give them a call, you have earned the right. They spent time with you and you have to follow through.

Let’s look at this from a different angle; if you do not do their wedding, there is a high chance, some other less professional, less qualified and less experienced person might.

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