I want to share a story that many of you can identify with. Or at least from what I have seen out there that many of you are experiencing.

I was speaking with a friend whose business is similar to mine the other day and we were reflecting on the past year. I told him about my year in business and he told me about his. We started to lay out the plans for next year and what we would change, what we do the same or more of. In this accountability call, we figured out that we are progressing year to year over the past 4 years and have been able to grow year to year by holding each other accountable. Further, we offer each other an outside trained point of view (so we are not isolated in our own mess/opinions etc… While each of us is trained and very effective in what we do, we each come up with an average of 4 bonehead ideas each year that most times we help each other avoid).

My friend then brought up a solid point; “We go to doctors when we’re sick, to personal trainers to improve our health and yet we hesitate to do the same with our businesses- why is that?” I thought for a moment and replied, “Simple- Pride.” Our businesses are like our babies, and we want to be seen as good and capable parents. Our babies make us prouder than proud when they do well and keep us up at night when not.

My friend then went on to explain how many coaches he has hired for his son, so that blew my theory…
Fact is some parents find the priority for improving their kids and this usually turns out to be a great investment. In the case of my friend, I imagine his son will find scholarships waiting for him when time for choosing a college arrives because of his preparation and expertise that he has worked towards with his various coaches.

I came back to my friend and said, “we have pride and think we may be able to do it ourselves (the coaching part)”. This sounds ironic as we as professionals deal with the Do It Yourself Bride day in, day out. Yet the majority of wedding professionals will still go about their business isolated from the experience that counts for them, just like their experience counts for a Bride.

In my many years of coaching I have found one thing to be accurate; there is always room for improvement and there is always something I am doing that an outside point of view can help me adjust.

When we act, we may make mistakes, but it is better than not acting at all. Most Wedding professionals have the necessary skills to get the job done, but where they lack is in the area of getting qualified leads to take more necessary steps in the buying process- those steps

  1. being known to the Bride
  2. mattering to the bride enough to get her to connect
  3. getting the bride to meet with you where she can then find out, “are you a match for what you offer and what she is looking for”.

Let me give you another instance of an outside point of view; When I meet with my clients, one of the exercises we do is what I call the Marketing Piles test. We take all the piles of marketing and figure out which ones are working and which ones would make sense to re-allocate those moneys somewhere more productive. What we usually find out is that most of these clients already have the answers but have not been asked the right questions yet.

If the time is now to help you prepare for 2014 and getting the results you are looking for and need for your business, may I suggest some one on one Coaching.

Maybe having a coach in your business would make sense. Maybe us chatting about this would also make sense. If you think it would make sense to see if there are some ways your business could grow for 2014, let’s chat- simply email me : Rick@GetMoreBrides.com and we can set that up.

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