Ever have a bride who is looking for some referrals from past brides? How about the bride who wants to see you in action? Either way you are imposing upon your past or current customers. Let’s face it; having a bunch of brides call past customers just feels…. weird. I mean I don’t want to be taking calls and vouching for someone who has done a good job for something that I have hired done. Most people, while happy to do so, are busy living their lives and it is simply an imposition. Further, you cannot invite someone to an event that you are a guest at; that is simply wrong and off. So what do you do?

There are three reasons why she will typically ask for referrals.
1. She has been taught to buy this way. 2. She doesn’t have enough trust in what you do (yet). 3. She simply needs to be nudged over the edge. In other words, she is scared to pull the trigger and looking for comfort and confirmation that she is making a good/great decision.

These girls are trying to impress their guests, win the friend competition, and enjoy themselves as Cinderella for the day. In order to accomplish all of these things, she is moving slow and has employed some systems for buying which shoot her in the foot.

This method of buying (the asking to see you live in action or talk with your past clients) is a really lousy buying process that she has built up. Let’s face it; the further away you get from making that past client happy, most times her view of you will diminish even though you have not done anything different or wrong. You peak in your past clients eyes at the closest point of highest satisfaction which is most times centered around the wedding. If you deliver your final product afterwards like a photographer or videographer, the satisfaction level would be highest at the closest point of delivering what you do.

In order to get past the “I want to call and pester your past clients or invite myself to someone else’s wedding,” you need to be prepared in advance to overcome this. First off, you are allowed to say no. Second, you should have plenty of past brides who are really thrilled with what you did. Get them saying it on video and use your video testimonials as proof of what you do. The key here is to have them ready NOW!

If you have less than 10 video testimonials, you need to get this done now! The reason why now is so important, is that the big three days of engagements are coming up in the next few months (Dec 25th, Dec 31st and Feb. 14th). This process will take a little bit of effort and starting now will insure you get it done in time.

Simply asking for the video testimonials is one approach. Asking and rewarding is a better approach. By rewarding them (it can be a simple $5 gift card to Starbucks) you get them in a better position to give you a better testimonial.

Having 10 testimonials (or more) will help you to simply say to the requesting bride, ”I wish I could give out their numbers or invite you to a future wedding, but you probably wouldn’t like that as a bride no matter how happy you were. What I can do is share what some brides have said.” Then show them the video!

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