The New Economy for Bridal Salons


In the past five years, doing business as a Bridal Salon has changed dramatically. Watch this video to learn the top three struggles that most Bridal Salons face as well as a potential solution.


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rick brewer, bridal store business, marketing to brides Rick Brewer is known as the “Marketing and Selling to Brides Guru” and has worked one on one with over 2100 Wedding businesses and hundreds of Bridal salons across the US. Rick has a unique viewpoint in working with so many businesses who are trying to land the same client type and working with them over such a long period of time.

“Running a Bridal Salon has become more and more challenging. There are solutions to the struggles. There are those who have become very successful. Fact is you have to do all you can to stay on top as well as get ahead. Being a Bridal store is not supposed to mean being walked on by your clients and competition, but is supposed to be a service that is profitable.



The Bridal Leads Revenue System ™ is the first complete system designed for today’s busy Bridal Salon owner to maximize revenue and realize the investment they have made in their business through rent, marketing and employee costs.

In this system, you will learn:

  • The best method to set up a profitable lead system
  • How to find local vendors who will pay to participate – and be thrilled with it!
  • How to protect your leads from vultures who will try to steal them from you
  • How to bring in money where before it was being lost and leaking out of your business
  • Much More!

If you are tired of spending Hundreds of dollars getting your business known to brides only to have every local wedding vendor come it to have you refer them for free, then this is the system for you. Let’s face it; we are in business to first and foremost make money. If we don’t make money, we are acting as a charitable organization and won’t be around to serve our brides no matter how passionate we are about what we do.

Imagine bringing in an extra $400, $600, even More of money that won’t cost you any further investment- that’s right, no more inventory, no further employee costs and totally maximizing what you have already spent on marketing and the expense of running a successful bridal salon.

What would you do with that extra money if it were in your pocket right now?

  • Take a much needed real vacation (by real I mean you have to leave town and get away from it all, not work related)
  • invest in some necessary equipment which you have wanted/needed
  • Get some training which will in turn help you turn an even bigger profit
  • Simply relieve some of the stress known to 95% of small business owners.

This system has been designed to even hand off to a capable employee and have you monitor it’s success- That’s right- just hand the complete system off and follow the enclosed checklist to make sure it is being completed to your standards!

Here are 4 of the biggest reasons why this system will push you forward faster

  • You will learn the proper techniques on how to approach wedding professionals. When you approach them asking to spend money with you, you will find that they quickly change their demeanor as they evolve from asking for the referrals for free to being asked to pay for them. This is a delicate process and if handled poorly, can be a big distraction.
  • You will find the best and quickest technique which has proven to work in finding the most vendors out there. There are more than enough vendors out there to approach and having more to approach is always better than having less. This system will teach you how to get a line up for people to participate.
  • There are pitfalls that have happened in the past with complete fulfillment, which again can cost you money. If you understand the process and put this process into order in the beginning, you will have a happy client base, as opposed to learning as you go.
  • You will be able to charge more from the beginning. This system will teach you the true value of what you have in your leads and will help you to understand how and why to sell this value to others. Think about this; there have been paintings which have unbelievable worth sold at garage sales for pennies. You need to understand what you have and get the value you deserve.

This system is priced at $1397 and well worth the value at that price

When I work one on one with a Bridal Salon, I offer this at $797. as an add-on to coaching- Again a great value

For a limited time, and for only 100 Bridal Salons (I am marketing this to 6000 independently owned an operated bridal salons around the world like yours)

$397* $97


* With you giving me an honest testimonial based on your four month experience with the product. This testimonial can be video (preferred) or written. with permission to share. This is a win- win: you get a lower price with a guaranteed system and I get your testimonial to share with others (who I will then charge more for the product)

BONUS OFFERS:   here is an additional offer for those first 100 – This will be a digital/downloadable product.



Bonus #1

The Wedding Mastermind ™ is Rick Brewer’s complete library of information on how to market and sell to more brides. This compendium of information is a full Home Study course on the best techniques used by those across the country who have full schedules and are in demand with Brides. this set includes 12 audio CD’s (in MP3 format) a complete 64 page workbook and a Bonus of Rick’s book “7 Steps to a Stress Free Wedding” (.pdf) which you can use for the life of your business (a $299 Value)

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Bonus #2

To insure your success with this program, I have included a 1 hour one on one coaching session with me to work out any kinks or struggles you may be having. Every business is different and though the system is laid out step by step, there may be a market condition (perceived or real) , a challenge with your location or simply want to run a few things by me. I fully believe that not only will this system be a great success for you, and with this coaching am standing firmly behind it. (a $250 Value)

 Do the Math…

Simple revenues from charging very low prices to very basic vendors (and just one of each- you may choose to do More than one of each vendor type)

















Wedding Planner




Per Month   Revenue (potential)                               $300                                         $400                                         $600

Here is complete value:

Bridal Lead Revenue System                         $1397

The Wedding Mastermind                                $299

Coaching Session                                             $250

Total                                                                  $1,946  Value


Today- $397 (a $1549 Savings)*

$97** (Limited offer)


** With you giving me an honest testimonial based on your four month experience with the product. This testimonial can be video (preferred) or written. with permission to share. This is a win- win: you get a lower price with a guaranteed system and I get your testimonial to share with others (who I will then charge more for the product)



FCC Compliance Statement: Above Revenue table is for estimations only and hold no promise of performance. While those stand as minimum standards which are recommended, the individual Bridal salon is under no obligation to follow those recommendations.  Individual performance relies on several factors of execution within the Bridal Lead Revenue System ™. Results will vary based upon effort and following of instruction. Guarantee is based upon individual bridal shop reaching out to Rick to use the guarantee.

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