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Trying to reach brides can seem like a mess in today’s world. There are now more choices for bridal advertising than ever before. In fact each one will usually claim to be the best and have the greatest reach. While someone has to be the best and have the greatest reach, there is no way they can all hold claim to this not to mention the other elements that have to happen to make it the best source of advertising for you (for example a bridal show that does the show itself and then the element of a list to follow through with). Here are the four areas you should focus on for your marketing that I use as a guide and will help you as a starter strategy.

Part 1- All things online.

I recommend that your bridal advertising is 50% (time/energy and money) online. This includes your site, any partner sites, paid sites- everything you do online to get known with your prospective clients. Recently I have had to personally adjust my thinking and figure out what I need to know and do for my site on my own. At the very least, learn the standards so I can measure when I need to hire the work out. As an owner or manager of the business, sweeping the floor is not necessary, but getting the floor swept is. For your bridal advertising online strategy, you need to get the job done by measuring the results properly and insuring that conversion is taking place.

Part 2- Word of mouth

Word of mouth is the best bridal advertising and marketing, hands down. This strategy becomes very effective when you are able to control, increase and accelerate it. You do this by understanding first where word of mouth comes from and second the best methods that work. You will never get an argument from me that this is the best strategy, but out of 95% of those who say they get a good amount of their clients from word of mouth, they cannot answer this question, “How will you get the same or more next year from word of mouth?”

Part 3- All things offline

This includes bridal shows, postcards, phone calls (cold perhaps from a list). These may seem to be antiquated methods of bridal advertising to a few of you, but think about this; where could you see hundreds of prospects in a matter of a few hours anywhere else (as in a bridal show) ? How else could you spend a few hours putting stamps on postcards and in one drop at the post office and reach out with an initial offering? Fact is these methods are very profitable for many and when used right can be profitable for you too.

Part 4- Investment

There are some things which take time, but need to start now. Items such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and relationships with busy venues who can refer you take time to work to get the results. My advice- spend 1-2 hours every week towards this category and get the results 6 months down the road.

Bridal advertising doesn’t need to be complex, but when the right strategy is worked, you find great results.

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