Five ways to get more results out of your Wedding Professionals

*Note : This article was originally written for Wedding show producers, but there are key takeaways that can be used for Associations, wedding magazines and wedding show producers. I have worked with producers, magazines and associations and can share that these techniques work when used well.

Wedding professionals have one of the lowest barriers to entry in business. Entering a wedding business can be as low as borrow some equipment and putting up a GoDaddy tonight website and poof- you’re a wedding business (obviously in the eyes of an unknown client perhaps, not in reality).

Because we have a high turnover and a large number of hobbyists, trying to convince many of these folks to do the things that professionals do can be difficult as the attitude of DIY marketing and post in Facebook groups (you know….the wedding professional only groups) can spread and the allure of not spending money or effort on marketing and advertising becomes more accepted. Here are some ideas that will help you and your team in gaining more ground.

  1.  Re-sell through Re-sults. No news here. Selling someone who you have already proven the worth of your show should be a slam dunk, however, because our industry is laden with hobbyists, we need to do all we possibly can to insure they have every tool available to help them find that value to where they will never ever want to miss your show. When they find results through you, they will never want to miss out.
  2.  Follow a process– Process and systems help you find your ultimate success. Simple items such as using a CRM program (I use Insightly, but SalesForce is pretty awesome too) to track your progress and time your responses can be invaluable. Other less used processes include a system for follow through which is slanted towards quality control. When I speak about quality control, I am speaking of exceeding their expectations. The key here is to first know what their expectations are.
  3.  Social Proof/ Push their buttons. Everyone is isolated to a degree. Everyone also thinks more of their competition than they probably should (there is a term I use; They let them live rent free in their mind) By using testimonials and sharing them with other vendors, it can push their competition button. This technique has to be used wisely and properly or it can backfire as you don’t want to scare them off.
  4. Fire your prospects (bottom 10%). In every market there are what have been referred to as the “bottom feeders”. These are the folks who want to gain a professional’s paycheck, but offer up a novice approach. We sometimes hold up hope for those who say the right things but rarely act that way. It may be time to cut some loose from your records and your thoughts and start fishing in a more prosperous pond. By letting go of those who will probably not buy or perhaps take way too much time to close (where you could have closed 5 others with the same efforts) you will open your eyes to new and different opportunities.
  5. Measurements. There is no secret about how measuring will allow us to gain a better result, but what are you measuring. A statistic came across my desk many years back that said most full time sales people only spent 5 hours a week of actual selling time. That’s it. 5 hours….. Imagine if that time were measured and organized and that other non revenue tasks were made that could be dropped or curtailed so that the face time were doubled. Seems simple, but finding the right measurements is a crucial task just as much as the discipline to consistently work on those measurements (hint: this is where I try to employ gamification to bring a much better result)

WedPro+ is designed to help those who work with those who work with wedding couples. This includes Wedding and Event Associations, Magazines, Wedding shows and more. If you are trying to help Wedding professionals through marketing, networking or products, you know that these professionals are harder to reach and require a different approach. I can help, so please connect.

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