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Get the five mono brainer 2st popular courses sold by Rick Brewer. Any one of these programs sold for $39 each and were worth at least 5 times that. If you are looking to take your wedding business (or tune up your marketing in other areas of your business). Just one idea from these course of almost 5 hours of audio instruction could easily help you land one more wedding making this a total no-brainer~!

Here are the five courses:


Selsellmorebrides_coverl More Brides. The sales techniques of the 80’s and 90’s are long dead and when selling to brides, it is crucial that you use a sales strategy that is parallel to how she buys.  You will learn the steps in getting the Bride off of Logic and onto the Emotion of her day- this is where the sale is made because 95% of all buying decisions are made. Learn the steps to get her True Budget and how to overcome the Bride who wants to “think it over”. Increase your closing ratio by learning how to get More Trust and  stop coming off “salesy”.

Get More BridesGetting on the preferred vendors list.  It’s no state secret that getting on a list that is handed out to brides is a good thing. The problem is everyone knows it and is a bothersome pest in trying to get on the list. Did you know that getting on the preferred vendors list requires a strategy and following the proper steps? Learn the ways to successfully getting more warm referred leads from sources that meet with hundreds of Brides a year.

overcoming-the-whats-my-priOvercoming the “What’s your price” bride. 85% of Brides have not purchased what you sell prior to their wedding which means they don’t know how to buy what you sell. When they call you, they will then typically ask “How much” because they don’t know how to ask better questions (the questions which really matter) Learn the psychology behind price, how to get them onto a better question and 5 responses you can immediately start using when talking to these Brides.

Mechanics-jpgMechanics of Raising your Prices. It’s easy to listen to someone tell you ”Boy, you sure should raise your prices” without having to worry about the results. There are certain steps you should take to help you do this successfully so you don’t over think it as well as make sure you don’t impact the market in the wrong way.



Bridal show success secrets.  If you have ever worked a Bridal show, only to see Hundreds of Brides walk by and not get a single booking, this CD is for you. Fact: Bridal shows work when you work them right.  Learn the Before, During and After methods of getting More Brides. You will also learn the Reason why Brides buy at a Bridal show, the Stepped Process of the Bride and how to overcome Bridal Buying Reluctance.

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About the Author

RRick picick Brewer is no stranger to the wedding industry and is a go to contact for leaders throughout the wedding business. Rick has spoken to over 260 different associations on the topic of marketing and selling specifically for weddings, has worked one on one with over 800+ wedding businesses and spends his time consulting and lifting those businesses to higher levels.

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FTC compliance statement: While all testimonials from past current and future clients are believed to be measured and accurate, individual results will vary. Further, the key to success is using these courses as guiding principles to help your business grow. Nothing will replace common sense.

Guarantee: If you listen and apply the teachings of these 5 courses to your business, you will make your $39 back. If you don’t connect and I will spend as much time as necessary to insure your money is not wasted. Again- you must listen and apply what is taught in the 5 courses. if you are confused how to apply, simply email me : Rick@GetMoreBrides.com


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