I don’t like being called an optimist. Don’t get me wrong- I am not a pessimist. I would rather look at myself as a realist and that there is always a way out of a problem and/or a great solution. In my definition of the word, an optimist is someone who perhaps always thinks positive thoughts and hopes for great results. I have seen many an optimist who put their emphasis on the “thinking” portion as opposed to the “action” steps. A realist, on the other hand , is open to the thought of possibility, but will base things on past behaviors and current circumstances to achieve the best result. Realist’s are good at understanding that sometimes in life- things go sideways and rather than “hoping” their way out of things, they roll up their sleeves and deal with the situation at hand.
Now on the far end of the spectrum is being negative. While positive has its downfalls, people usually don’t mind hanging out with a positive person. Negative people though….Not so much. You have seen people who are negative on most ends of their lives. The problem is, they do not realize that they are negative and that is a killer. Here is a test; go through your facebook posts and give each one a score- either positive based (something that adds or edifies) or negative based (things that are whiny, complaining or pointing out the problems). At the end of this assessment, you will have a clear signal what you act like.
Have you ever gone to a networking event and that one person who starts out their conversation with a negative comment and then piles it on from there? They have this dark cloud over them and you can feel the tension when you are around them. They want to argue a point of how bad things are, that customers suck, that nothing is going to change. They prophesy their own demise almost. There was a speaker who I admire who gave the best 2 word sermon that would apply to these folks: Stop it.
You focus whether positive, negative or realistic will point your actions. You attitude is your rudder in life and which ever way you point it, so will go your life. If you seek out solutions, if you are endlessly tenacious, your reward will be success. If you are thinking about how bad things are, how horrible the economy is, how the price of gas is ruining everything, guess which way you will head.
Let me point this out: life is not meant for smooth sailing. In fact if it were, it would get boring so quickly. Life is meant to teach us how to be Expert Sailors and Master Ship builders so we can sail through the challenges. The problems are not the problems. It is how we react, how we view and how we approach our problems that matters. Problems will be there- have you ever met someone who did not have problems? Everyone does.
What does this all have to do with Marketing and selling to brides? How could this possibly relate to Wedding professionals and bridal advertising? Simple; if you have challenges and you look for a solution, you will probably find it so far as you look and do not stop until you find it. The price of gas does not affect your business- you do. I have really bad news for you- the price of gas will be higher next year than it is this year. Focus on solutions and do not stop until you find them. They are out there. Most of your challenges have to do with money- work better, smarter, faster in your businesses, you will make more money and your challenges will be replaced with better, harder, faster challenges 
Until next week, Here’s to your success!

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