This past week, I was left a less than positive review on one of my video
testimonials. Here is the video if you want to take a look at it:

I thought I could confirm his thoughts at the same time explain my reasoning
behind the execution of this video.

Let me first say this: I concur that the quality and the production of the video
leaves a lot to be desired in a normal situation. The fact is, this is not a
normal situation. Here is why: video testimonials should be natural and
forthcoming, not in a production studio with professional lighting, backdrops,
etc… as they look contrived and set up. The last thing you want is for someone
to think that you brought friends or other vendors together just to put out some
video testimonials (I actually went to a seminar that taught people to do
essentially this -which I absolutely do not recommend)

You need authentic testimonials from your customers and should recognize that
most (about 90%) of wedding professionals do not have a single testimonial on
their site, let alone on the front page any video testimonials at all. I
currently have about 120 video testimonials. Which, if you think about it, is
way more than anyone would ever watch. I will continue to get and ask for these
testimonials as they are proven to work to push people forward in the buying

Here are some ideas to think about with your testimonials:

1) Get them first: Edit or try to make them better later. As I mentioned, my
videos lack quality production, but they are all authentic and the message comes
through. Having a bad quality testimonial is better than not having one at all.
Improve the quality later by getting more and learning as you go.

2) More is better: You can limit what people see at first but put them all up on
YouTube and let people browse through them. Further, you need to optimize your
YouTube videos to help with search engine placement. I have had many people find
me through and because of my YouTube presence.

3) Timing is everything: Way back when I was a wedding professional (before the
days of the internet and YouTube) I went to a seminar where I was taught to get
written testimonials. Made sense. So I went home and sent out letters with
return postage to all my past 150 clients. I found that even though I had rocked
their wedding receptions, the further away from the time when they were at the
peak of the happiness with what I did and provided to them for their wedding,
the more skeptical they were. I remember particularly one couple who gave me a
$100 tip (about 15% of what I charged them) and believe me, this party rocked,
wrote that I was “fair” (3 out of 5 stars).

Notes on your timing:

A) Do it when they are dressed as a bride and groom if you can do it
without imposing. Many people tell me they refuse to impose on a bride on her
wedding day -I get that. Do it if you feel comfortable and the timing is right.

B) If not on the day of their wedding, do it as close to it as you
can after they have received your product/service.

C) Integrate pictures/video from their wedding if you have it and
can. Music on the back track also makes it more emotional.

The key to Video testimonials is getting them and using them to push your
prospect closer to being a customer.

Until Next Week, Here’s to your Success!

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