Strategy #4 - trained Guidance

Looking at the whole of your business with an outside trained point of view a specific wedding business coach can help accelerate your growth

Most if not all business owners suffer from a condition known as “Owned Authorship”.

This condition is that we own that which we create. We are proud of our businesses and through this creation, we have made something that is a part of us- it’s out baby! Like our children, we worry about them when they are having struggles or potential struggles are looming, we celebrate them when they hit a home run and are successful and we protect them more than we do ourselves. There is a cure for this condition if you are more interested in the money you will take to the bank more than you are interested in getting credit for what you have created (by the way- you get full credit for the results you achieve- i.e. the money in the bank).

Gaining trained guidance is not as simple as asking a facebook group for their advice (you will get 15 different opinions from 10 different people). In fact hiring a general business coach can be ineffective as well. those who hire a wedding business coach as opposed to just a general business coach get better results for weddings as that is the focus.

Imagine having a person who has the input of over 800 sets of marketers and their marketing campaigns to draw from.

Imagine someone who not only understands what you do, but how what you do relates to the rest of the industry and can create an effective strategy that will help you to grow your business with those other professionals.

Imagine having someone who is an effective and specific wedding business coach and will keep you focused and help you be accountable to the progress with your business.

Imagine a coach who is focused on results for your business like nobody else.

There needs to be a viewpoint that is 30,000 feet above your business to look at the entire picture to best be able to advise you on the critical points which when adjusted will bring in the results you and your business deserve.

Now the question is this: Are you and your business ready to go to the next level?

wedding business coach

I Had the privilege of hearing Rick speak several years ago and he had a significant impact on my business. He challenged me on areas of my business that I had not even considered. Because of what I learned, my business increased. We have had several national speakers come here and of the three or four that stand out, the one that made the biggest difference to my business was definitely Rick Brewer

Carol Harris

Birmingham, AL

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