Wedding Shows WORK  (when you work them…)

Wedding shows work when you work the show. In 24 years of Marketing and Selling to Brides and grooms, I have seen many changes in marketing within our industry. Fact is that our client is much different than that same client just 7 years ago. The way they buy is different and their choices have become overwhelming. While they shop on the internet, they have become more and more solidified in making their decisions face to face.

While many mediums are not thriving, those who work Wedding Shows well,  find the best per couple investment (the cost of time and money for client acquisition). Here are the three necessary ingredients they implement to work the shows well:

  1. Planned interaction
  2. Next step process
  3. Properly timed follow up
“We did what you told us to do Rick and got 25 appointments from the show and ended up with 8 confirmed bookings. This has been our best show ever and these girls spent more than our regular brides did- thank you so much~!”  -Michelle, Riverside,CA

Introducing Bridal Show Success Secrets and Turbo charge your Leads

“I used your course and ended up meeting more brides and setting more appointments than I had ever had before. One Bride called and said to hold her date the day after the show. I know I will have more bookings because I used your materials and wanted to thank you.”    -Mark, Pittsburgh, PA

These courses have brought results to Wedding Professionals all over and can bring you the same results.

For a limited time and to prepare for the 2017 Wedding show season

BONUS*** As an Additional bonus, You will receive these 4 videos that will give additional instruction on the Before, the during and After of the Wedding show, including the proprietary 3-3-3 Method (a $79 value)


You can purchase these 2 courses (regularly $39 each or $78 for both) and the BONUS videos ($79 value)  for


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