Wedding Business Intensive Workshop

The MOST important function that will make our business money is Marketing. Marketing for wedding and events is different in several ways and by not adapting to the proper ways of marketing for this very emotional sale, you will not be able to reach the amount of prospective clients you want to reach. 

The top three challenges facing wedding professionals are:

  1. Getting my phone to ring
  2. Selling the value I offer
  3. Differentiating between the low/no value competition. 


Imagine forTestimonial-1 a minute that these challenges were not a problem…..


Imagine that you were able to tap into the successes as well as what doesn’t work from hundreds of wedding professionals across the country.





Come join us for a full day intensive workshop that is limited to only 30 people plus their guests 

Learn how to form the proper marketing message, the best strategy in getting it out there, and how to frame your appointments so you have a higher closing rate. Each section will have an instruction element as well as a hands on workshop element

Start time 9:30 am

Part 1 : The Evolution of Buying. Learn where we have come from and how modern marketing has changed dramatically (especially for the millennial client). 

Workshop: Develop your message that will be the theme to your marketing

Part 2 : The 5 moves of those who dominate. If we look at those who dominate their markets, their habits and their results we can find the clues that are left behind to form a success map for our own businesses. 

Workshop : Develop the weekly marketing actions that will work to get you business

Part 3: Creating a Sales Strategy. If you do not have a formed sales strategy, you will most times go to default way of selling which leaves the control and strategy in the hands of a client who has never bought, let alone sold what you do before this. 

     Workshop : Write your sales system. 

Part 4 Using Virtual Assistants to Surge Forward. Steven VanCauwenbergh Has found great success in the wedding industry and you will receive instruction directly from Steven one thing you should be doing that he has done; Hiring Virtual Assistants. 

  Workshop : Sign into the online tools to actually send out job proposals today


Part 5 Overcoming the “what’s your price Bride. You’ve had calls where they ask 2 questions-A) Are you available on____ and B) How much. Learn how the overcome this roadblock and get to more appropriate questions such as “Can you do what I want for my event”. 

       Workshop Find your voice- figure out which response is the best response that fits your style

Part 6 Getting on the Preferred Vendors list. It’s no state secret that getting referred by others is a great strategy. Problem is that the hobbyists, part timers, long time veterans and everyone else in the industry also know this. 

         Workshop – Develop a strategy that will schedule your plan for developing these important relationships with the best steps. 

Time Permitting: Marketing reviews. Get your current marketing reviewed by first yourself, second, your peers , third Rick.

End Time 4:00 pm (ish)

BONUS*** You will receive the “Business of Weddings” audio course. This audio course includes 21 modules which will help you self study and provide continuous improvement ($299 Value)

BONUS*** You will also receive 3  4 monthly “check in” calls. These one on one calls will help to guide adjust and check in on your progress to help maintain the upward direction you are seeking ($395 value)

BONUS*** First ten people will get an additional ticket with all of the above included. You can split the cost with a friend in the industry, bring your business partner, or simply gift someone who you feel would benefit from the information ($499 value)


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Rick Brka- sittingewer is known for his proprietary approach in the psychology of buying and selling events. He has worked with hundred of wedding businesses and has sold thousands of his courses. Rick regularly speaks to Wedding and event business groups and has worked to lift the industry to a higher standard of spending more effectively on marketing, raising your bottom line profits, and making your life of running your business easier and more fun.

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