With the busy season fast upon us, we many times take our foot off the gas on our marketing. Because our marketing has an effect of 6-8 months down the road, we won’t feel the immediate results of our lack of action, but will feel them later when we are far away from the inaction. Because the results come later down the road, it becomes easy to get focused on the here and now of the busy time of year where we may be doing weddings each and every weekend. Here are a few ideas to keep things moving so later, we don’t feel quite the pinch.

First and possibly the easiest thing to do (with the best results) – Network with other wedding professionals who are at the weddings that you are at. This takes a little of attention, but by networking with these other professionals and starting the relationship process, you have a shot at continuing the relationship later when things aren’t so busy. Perhaps this means visiting with them when you are not so busy during the wedding festivities, maybe it means a quick introduction that will be followed through with a lunch or a later visit. Whatever this networking looks like, start it at the wedding with some form of interaction that is not taking away from the job at hand and agree to continue it later at an agreed upon time/place.

The key to this networking is building a relationship which means you need time and consistency. Assuming you were single, you would no more go up to a member of the opposite sex and ask them to marry you just because they had something that you wanted. Similarly, just because this other wedding professional has a potential bride they can refer, doesn’t assume that you are the only wedding pro out there to hand their leads to, in fact most are not handing off their leads to anybody either way (they typically do not have a system for referring, which perhaps you could help train them to do with you).

The second way to keep your marketing going and your relationships flowing
with the other wedding professionals who can send you business is to use email, social media and blogs as a tool to compliment them. Simply tagging them in a post, writing a blog about what they truly provide to a Bride (or the level of service they offer) or sending them a personal email that will help connect can work wonders. The fact is, we all love it when one or more of those things happen to us, they too will have a similar reaction towards what you send out.

By connecting this way, it will also make you look like a leader in the industry. I have seen similar industry leaders who will mention others in their posts on Facebook and twitter, will pin something about another vendor on Pinterest, or will write a “spotlight“ blog post about some other vendor. The results were great- the wedding pro’s who were the spotlight or subject of the post, blog or email raved about it and even in many cases, re-posted or somehow would brag and promote it themselves.

It is easy to put your marketing on the back burner when you are busy performing and making money. If this year, you tried to use these two ideas to maintain a presence in your marketing, chances have it you will see an increased result at the end of the year.

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