My friend, (happens to be a world renown economist- I know I’m being a big name dropper here) Mark Skousen, says the two most important words in the Economy are Cost Benefit. Dr. Skousen goes on to explain, “The goal is for benefits to exceed costs, whether in business, investing or your personal life”. In small business, the struggle has been educating your consumer on why and how you exceed the costs with your benefits. This is particularly true in the Wedding World as most of our consumers are so laser focused on costs alone. Let me share some ideas on how to educate to exceed with the Brides that you meet.

We all get the person who calls up and says “what’s your price” and measures what we do against what they can/will afford. Getting past this struggle is a delicate process of educating. Now just because you educate them doesn’t mean money will automatically come into their lives to be able to buy what you sell, but sometimes (I sell low, not high- in other words, I don’t like hype and overselling concepts or otherwise) you can convert this person off of price and onto what they want. They will figure out the money part – again sometimes.

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You first need to start with what matters to your consumer, not what matters to you. In figuring out what matters to your customer, you should have a developed system of questions which help them to say what matters, but more importantly why it matters to them. Consumers will buy into what is important, but they will forcibly work towards the “why it matters to them”. For example, in hiring a DJ, the “what” that matters to the Bride may be the packed dance floor. “Why” a packed dance floor matters is infinity more appealing to this bride. The “why” may be to impress her guests, , to win the competition of weddings (you know- the invisible competition that she has with her friends, sisters, etc…) She wants her guests to have a good time, but why she wants her guests to have a good time is even more important- because they will admire her, they will brag about her wedding, they will somehow become closer because she cared so much to hire the best DJ on the planet to insure they were entertained.

While all of this may seem like a stretch to some of you, take yourself out of your business owner mind set and put yourself in the Bride’s head- In her mind she only gets one chance to do this. Keep in mind that she may or may not realize (many times she comes to this realization along the process when she is stressed and spending a lot more money than she thought she would) that she does not need all this “stuff”, so the Want vs. Need battle starts to be solved quickly.

Once you have a good idea of the top 5 “why’s” of her “buy’s” you have a beginning point to ask the pertinent questions that will get her on the side of value (benefit) and off of the idea that price (cost) is a proper measurement.

Keep this in mind- you need to learn how to sell better. If you can’t sell it, someone else will.

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