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Jim Rohn, the great business philosopher once taught me, “The things that are easy to do, are also easy not to do”. He then gave the comparison of eating an apple a day. He asked, ” Is that true- an apple a day keeps the doctor away? maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but have you tried the theory to test it either way? Eating an apple a day is pretty easy, but you don’t see anyone doing it (except apple farmers during the harvest).

The easy things in business, especially the wedding business, oftimes get put on the back burner. We get into our “groove” of how we work our business, or even worse, we never develop a groove. Let me explain; Since most wedding businesses take Monday off, we roll into the office on Tuesday and begin with checking our email. Next we update our facebook page, after that, we open the mail that has come in over the weekend. Next we do a little banking, pay some bills, organize our thoughts, and check our emails again. By the time we have looked at some random stories about Jon and Kate + 8 and all that is happening in their lives, we look at the clock and it is 12:30 already- time for Lunch! We roll out for lunch, and come back and 1st thing, we check our emails. After looking at a funny video that our friend sent us, we decide that we need to make sure we have followed up with the appointment from last week, so we call and leave a message for the Bride who wanted to “think it over”. After that, we check our facebook page to see if anyone has sent us a message or heaven forbid, we start playing around with one of the games like bejewelled or Farmland (whatever their names are- I apologize to those of you who are addicted to them 🙂

You either are or know a person who follows their every day in a manner similiar to this. Let me ask you this one question; What makes you money in your business? It’s simple; you sell your product or service to your customers. How do you sell to your customers? simple, you find them and you pitch them about your products or services. How do you find them? That is where things get a little tricky.

Marketing is a tough game. You have to get your “stuff” in front of your prospective customers (girls who have never done this before, let alone to this extent). You have to find a new crop of customers each year (they will buy once from you and not be repeat customers). You have to sell to a group of people who “think” they know how to buy, but the only measurement of comparison that they really have is price (and we all know that is a Baaaaad measurement).

You may be thinking, “Rick, you just said that this is easy, now you’re saying it is hard”. Let me explain myself, marketing is easy. Marketing is viewed as “hard” for the reasons above. Most Wedding businesses feel they have the proper marketing chops, however, 98% of those who claim that they know how to market also say they “need” more business.

What the most successful businesses do that differs them from the rest is that they are always marketing. They find out ways and the methods that work best for them and they do it always. There are about 8 different ways that have proven to be the best mediums which you can reach the most brides. Further, there is a method in which you get your message out there that matters.

If you send out a consistent message that is all about you and what you do or, as I teach is a “build it and they will come” you won’t find the results that you want. In the build it and they will come model, the advertiser feels that by simply putting an ad in a magazine, simply putting their business cards out at a local store, or simply blasting an email or setting up a booth at a bridal show , they will naturally have a boatload of brides coming and buying from them because they “are a must buy”. While it is true that the brides “must buy”, they do not have to buy from you.

By doing the simply, daily marketing “things” you will learn how to refine your approach and better what you do to reach more qualified prospects, get them into the chair in front of you and make them customers. These things become easy and believe it or not, they become fun when you make a lot of money!

Until next week, Here’s to your Success!

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