Studies show
There is a big difference between Having will power and a structured environment.
Will Power cannot over power environment, yet environment can overpower will power
Let me share an example:
When you try to lose weight and you do it simply on will power, but you stack your cupboard with Twinkies and Pringles, you probably do not go far.
If you were, however to load your fridge with fresh vegetables, salads, and healthy eats, you stand a much better chance of getting healthy because you limit your choice. You simply cannot eat bad if you do not have the bad things to eat (this is environment). Will power has nothing to do with the equation.
You may not realize it, but your environment is probably your biggest enemy to holding you back from a business that works like clockwork where the phone rings, clients book and you live the life you and your family design. Running a Wedding business and marketing to brides requires a great environment to succeed (think about the venues and those wedding businesses that are structured, well organized and run well- they have developed the right environment)

If your environment is prone to distractions, to going down the wrong path (work wise) and not focusing on the money making efforts that you need to pay the bills, you will always end up in the wrong place. Putting yourself in the proper environment is a great beginning.


How much is it costing you to stay the same?

If you are not hitting the mark, if you are thinking some of the following thoughts:
• The economy sucks so no one is buying.
• I must be doing something wrong. “So and so” is a millionaire, why isn’t it working for me?
• There is too much competition.
• I don’t know how to sell (or market) so I’m doomed to mediocre.
• I can’t possibly work any more hours so how will I ever be able to do more.
You can either
A) Stay the same and get the same
B) Try something different that has proven results with Wedding Professionals just like you and increase your results
In my days in the Wedding World, I have simply helped Wedding businesses make adjustments to their environments in order to have the environment work for them. There was not an issue with will power to overcome once this was in place.
When you have the right systems, the right strategies and the methods, the environment changes and moves you forward.
If you would like to chat to see if your environment is serving you well, reach out to me
Until next week, here’s to your success!

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