There are core behaviors which matter to salespeople, but are often overlooked.
We preach “go get the sale!” so much that we do not take a step back and realize
that there is more than simply knocking on a prospect’s door and asking them.
”will you buy my stuff?” There are four major behaviors that I want to focus

Have you ever seen a salesperson go to an appointment without a pen? Think about
this; the most important tool, the one thing that is required when signing an
agreement and a salesperson forgets to bring one? Let me say, it is not just
about the pen, but about being prepared to discover the needs of your client and
being in the right mental state. There is a need to be prepared with your
research, the necessary documents, the brochures, etc. Playing hard with your
career and what you sell is like a professional athlete; they get to bed early
the night before, they care for their body and mind, they understand how to prep
themselves and not psyche themselves out. Great salespeople are prepared, poor
salespeople are always behind the 8 ball.

Not only do Great sales people dress the part, but they simply look the part.
They know how to get advice from experts and understand the look that they want
to achieve. Their hairstyle, their makeup (ladies), all the way down to their
glasses looks the part. Think about a young bride who is looking for a
photographer. By adjusting their look, an older photographer can look hip and
trendy, yet experienced. Those who ignore how they appear are falling to the age
old adage of being judged by their cover. If you are not sure how to appear, go
to a place that sells the kind of clothes that you feel would be the ideal look
and find a salesperson of the opposite sex who knows what they sell (meaning,
they have some experience).


If you have the expectation of failing, you more times will find that expectation. When , on the other hand, you fully expect to succeed, you can guess which result you will find. I am not suggesting you cram your product or service down their throat and force them to buy. I am saying that one  key to success is to believe in your product and have the expectation that your prospect will benefit from having what you sell (service or product). Further, there will be a disconnect sometimes with the parting of money to get what you sell, but when the need is great enough, they will find the money. Focus on the idea that not all people will buy, but the higher you focus on the possibilities of your prospect buying, the higher your bottom line will climb.

There is a phrase I created called “Thermostatic Management” which says that you
run your life by running from fire to fire putting out the hottest fire next. By
having the proper systems in your sales life, you will always have a proper
funnel of leads and always be pushing your prospects through your sales trammel
to the next stage to sift out the gold from the dirt. Without the right systems,
you will be hectic and unorganized, relegating your sales life to less than
optimum results.

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