Trying to get your exhibitors to realize the potential of all those clients who are in one place, shopping for what they sell is unbelievably hard to do. You wouldn’t think it would be that difficult, but for some reason, convincing them to first be in your show, then second work the show as it should be worked is your #1 and 2 priorities. When they work the show as they should, they get the results you know they can get. Wedding shows are currently the best form of paid advertising which is why we put together a program for wedding show producers which can help 1) more people to change their minds about participation 2) get them the results they are hoping to get through using the best practices which get the best results.

Funny part is that many exhibitors are turning to Facebook groups for Networking (which doesn’t work) while Brides and Grooms are turning to Face to Face (Wedding shows) for their solutions. While Online wedding shows have fallen flat with Brides and Grooms, Face to face educational events have fallen flat with vendors.

I have created a solution for the educational component for your vendors which helps you to have minimum effort and maximum effect

  • You set it and forget it through an automated reminder to your vendors

  • Your exhibitors will be able to review and learn at their pace on their schedule

  • You will have a 3rd party endorsing you and the concept of Wedding Shows (you won’t be seen as a salesman who is fully vested in them buying a booth, but more as a trusted source

  • You will help your exhibitors have the information and techniques that will help them maximize their results.

Here is a sample page which will have your logo:


When you work a Wedding show correctly as well as perform the proper follow through, you will find success. This has been proven at every one of our shows. To help you achieve a higher level of success, we have made these two audio courses from Wedding Business expert Rick Brewer available to you. Please download, listen, prepare, listen again and then call us with any questions.


We are fully committed to your success!

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Bridal show success secrets.  If you have ever worked a Bridal show, only to see Hundreds of Brides walk by and not get a single booking, this CD is for you. Fact: Bridal shows work when you work them right.  Learn the Before, During and After methods of getting More Brides. You will also learn the Reason why Brides buy at a Bridal show, the Stepped Process of the Bride and how to overcome Bridal Buying Reluctance.

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