Preparing for DJ Expo in Atlantic City 2017~!

For a short time the audio program, ” 5 Keys to maximizing your next conference” is available to DJ Expo 2017 attendees compliments of  National Association of Mobile Entertainers and ProMobileDJ.comNAMEPMDJ-Logo-300x238



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In this complimentary program, you will take away ideas that your business needs and make your time, money and effort more effective with your attendance at this exclusive conference for the Mobile DJ industry.

no brainer

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Get 5 more of Rick’s courses that will boost your business and help you get more leads, clients and referrals.

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Rick Brewer has been in the Wedding and Event industry since 1992. He has not only been a wedding professional, working with over 300 brides and their weddings, but also worked the corporate and school market. In addition, Rick has owned 2 wedding magazines, 7 Bridal shows, spoken to over 260 wedding and event groups and has worked one on one with over 800 wedding and event businesses


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