In the steps of the buying process for brides, the very first step is for them to find your marketing. If they can find your marketing, you have a chance, a possibility of getting them to take one more step in the process. Many times, people confuse the concept of which step is the next step for brides to take with you. I see vendors who think that the very next step for brides to take is for them to buy from you.

Imagine this; you have a person who is deathly afraid of heights and you are trying to get them to climb a ladder, only problem is this ladder is placed on top of a 40 story building….near the edge. You are attempting to get them to climb that ladder which is propped up against the building next door. The bride recognizes that she will have to climb the ladder to get what she wants, however, it is really scary for her and she will go at her own pace.

There are three steps you need to take to insure you are doing your best in making the most out of those brides who do find you. When you maximize your exposure, it probably won’t mean that you will close every bride, but if you add 5-10 more to your books next year, your business will be doing better and better is good.

Step #1 Capture their information

Typically the bride will visit your web site first. On the home page of your site, you need to have an email capture form where you offer her something in exchange for her giving you her email address. Keep in mind that you do not have to give out something of great expense. It can be a free report on things to keep in mind when hiring/buying what you sell/do. If you do not know how to write a report like this, you may want to look at purchasing the Wedding Mastermind set (12 audio CD’s and a 50 page workbook) which has a special report on how to write special reports.

Step #2 Connect with the bride

Once you have her information, you have 12-24 hours to connect with her. Keep in mind that the typical bride is going from site to site filling out information on various wedding professionals sites. In filling out these forms, my experience has been that most wedding professionals do not get back with her within 12-24 hours. If you are first/ at the top of the list, you have a chance to maintain her attention. Speed in connection matters as you will appear to be the professional that you are.

Step #3 Send her information that matters.

It is said that you need to ask for the sale 5-7 times before you will get a potential “yes”. I am not by any means suggesting that you ask and ask and ask for the sale. I am suggesting that the same/similar principle applies to be on top of her mind. I suggest that you send out an email newsletter that she can get from you on a regular basis. Again, keep in mind that she may not be ready to purchase immediately after connecting the first time and she will often delay the decision to do anything. By staying on top of her mind, you have a chance that you can swing the conversation back to hiring/buying from you.

Follow these steps (if you are not already) and see if it helps to land some more gigs over the next year!

Until next week, Here’s to your Success!

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