Is Older Better…?

Last week I asked for people to comment on issues they were facing. Many of you commented that one of the bigger problems you were facing was the idea that today’s Bride was not interested in booking someone who was older for her reception. It was suggested that there was some sort of “age-ism” that you were experiencing. Maybe in fact Brides are being so bold as to tell a Wedding vendor that they want to hire someone younger. My article today will address this issue as well as how to frame yourself in ways which you may feel are detriments to make them benefits to the Bride.
I often use the following analogy: If Tiger Woods and I went golfing and we switched clubs, who do you think would win? Tiger-Right? After all, it isn’t the clubs, but the skill behind them. Many times in the Wedding industry we buy into the theory that the clubs make the golfer, rather than the golfer makes the clubs. It is the same in the wedding industry- does a photographer make the camera or the camera make the photographer. Does the flour and sugar make the cake or does the Cake Baker make the cake.
Getting our Brides to understand who we are and what we do is our Marketing challenge. All of us should be up to the challenge, but many times, those who are less interested in the business “stuff” focus more on the camera, the equipment, the things that anybody with a credit card can buy, not the end result. It is imperative that we as wedding vendors let our Brides know tactfully that experience matters, education in our craft and product matters, that what we will hand them at the end of the Wedding is less of a commodity and more of a personalized one of a kind experience that only we can provide.
Many of us sell logically rather than emotionally. Let me ask you this question:
Where does logic reside? (most people think it resides in the Brain) Where does Emotion reside? (Most people think it resides in the heart) Which one is close to their pocketbook where they keep their money?
When we touch on the Brides emotions, we tap into the trust that we need to have in order to get the sale. Think about this- the Bride who buys based on logical stuff, what does she get? She gets price, she gets features, she gets a bunch of things that really don’t matter. The Bride who buys on Trust gets Benefits that matter to her, she gets a Wedding vendor that she is close enough to communicate with honestly and frequently, and she gets a wedding result that will be closer to what she is hoping for.
When a Bride decides to go with another wedding vendor for a frivolous reason, she never was your customer to begin with, so you have not lost a customer. You simply have not gained a customer. Focus on the others that are out there who may buy, not the few that didn’t buy. Remember the rule of SW4- Some Will Some Won’t So What Someone’s Waiting
Most of our thinking is what keeps us from success. If we feel that the Brides are not buying, that is what we will find. If we are concerned about being something that the Bride doesn’t want, that is what we will find. Change your weaknesses to strengths- Homework assignment:
Write out everything you think is a weakness and beside it write two reasons why it may be a good thing for the Bride.
Until Next Week, Here’s to your Success!

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