Last week in New York, a sought after artist only known as “Banksy”, set up shop as a common street vendor on the sidewalks of Central Park. Sitting there side by side with other street vendors, he sold his original works. To give you some perspective, earlier this year, one of his pieces, “Love is in the Air”, sold for $249,000. What was the result of his day long efforts…

Glad you asked~!

The results for his one day of sales: He made a total of $420 for 8 pieces sold (a little more than $50 each…)

Fact is people simply did not know what they were either buying or (as in this case) passing up. Let me speak specifically to those of us in the Wedding Industry: The Bride has mostly not bought this before and does not know the best process to buy what she needs for her wedding.

Sometimes I wish that people could see if who you were buying from was truly valuable or worthless.
Imagine all of us lined up on the same sidewalk in Central Park (we most times will set up like what we see others set their displays up like) We will perform in the same manner in which they perform (in other words sit back and wait for them to approach us) and we will commoditize ourselves or simple make ourselves common, which elicits the response of bringing down the value.

If we were to try to improve on the approach of “Banksy”, (I have some thoughts) what would be the first thing you would change? Would you change his set up on the street? Maybe add some signs that indicated who he was, some credentials maybe? What about if you set up a red velvet rope so people could take a picture with him or get an autograph? My thoughts are would be to set him apart from the crowd and separate who he is based on him, not on everyone else.

Now we don’t set up like that in Central Park (unless you count Bridal Shows, which we may be onto something here why we are not as effective as we could be at a Bridal Show), but many times, I see vendors copying bad technique in their marketing because that is what they see in the advertising of others and don’t fully know the results of that advertising or the reasoning behind that advertising.

Let’s face it; I face the same struggles you do. If people truly knew the results provided by coaching with me, for example, if they could pull the lid off my brain and understand the knowledge that I provide, if they full comprehended the results they could get for the low investment that would make (this is the value I speak of all the time), there would be a line out the door for my coaching. The reason why the line isn’t as big as I would like: attention span. People are focused on their lives, not yours. Until we get to the point to where we can identify and connect, we will struggle to get out of being viewed as a commodity or like everyone else.

One more point: don’t take it personal. If they could look into your soul and see all the satisfied clients you have had, again, you’d have a line out the door. Like the artist “Banksy”, most people simply do not know or pay attention to what we sell.

Help them realize who you are and why it should matter to them.

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